Tips and suggestions to improve your online classes.

Hey teachers and mentors, we know you are struggling on a daily basis as you teach online. Especially after the involvement of online learning process, it has become quite difficult for the teachers to grab the student’s attention and hold it for long. In the physical classrooms you somewhat knew...

How To Teach Your Child To Share & Take Turns

In the world of a young child, what’s hers is hers and essentially everything else around her seems to be hers too. If you have noticed that your toddler has reached a space where she claims everything as ‘Mine!’, then it is time to start teaching them about sharing. If...

Why Parents Should Attend School Open Days

Open days are a valuable opportunity for parents to discover more about prospective schools and will give them an insight into what their child’s experience will be should they attend. It's a way to get a feel for the school environment, get to know the teaching staff, and learn more...

Encouraging Your Child to Study at Home

Getting your child to focus on studying at home can pose quite a challenge, especially in a world seemingly jam-packed with distractions. With a little effort and patience, and by following these tips from a co-educational prep school in Oxfordshire, you can help your child develop procrastination-proof study habits to...

The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children

From developing skills to forging new friendships, extracurricular activities have innumerable benefits for children. Your child may unearth a hidden talent or discover a lifelong passion. To discover more take a look at the following from a private school in Buckinghamshire. Life Skills A significant benefit of extracurricular activities is...

What Will My Child Learn at Nursery

Nursery will give your child the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, structured environment. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their social skills, such as making friends, sharing and teamwork. Through a play-based education they will learn problem solving skills, develop independence and harness their creativity....

How to Raise a Science Lover

Raising a child to be interested in science is extremely beneficial and can be a rewarding experience for both parent and child. By encouraging a love of science from a young age, you can help your child develop critical thinking skills and a sense of curiosity that will lead them...

Is College The Right Choice For My Child?

Going to a sixth form college can provide numerous benefits for students looking to further their education. To explore some of the benefits of sixth form college, and to help your child decide if it’s the right path, take a look at the following from a sixth form college in...

5 Screen Free Activities For Children

As parents and caregivers, it's important to make sure that children have a healthy balance of screen time and other activities. Too much screen time can lead to problems with attention, behaviour, and sleep, as well as contribute to obesity and other health issues. Fortunately, there are many fun and...
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