What Will My Child Learn at Nursery

Nursery will give your child the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, structured environment. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their social skills, such as making friends, sharing and teamwork. Through a play-based education they will learn problem solving skills, develop independence and harness their creativity. A nursery school in London has shared a deeper insight into some of the many benefits of sending your child to nursery, keep reading to find out more.

One key skill that your child will develop is the ability to confidently interact with other children. Through unstructured play and group activities, your child will learn how to take turns with others, share toys and communicate their needs and feelings effectively. The ability to socialise with peers is a vital skill that will support children as they grow up, as they will learn to form friendships and relationships and work effectively with others.

As well as social development, your child will also build cognitive skills at nursery. Activities such as puzzles and board games will help your child learn to problem solve and follow instructions. Art projects will allow them to think creatively and develop their fine motor skills. This early introduction to education will help them to become more confident and independent learners, setting them up for success when they eventually start school.

Nursery provides an introduction to formal education and can help children start to develop their knowledge of the world around them. Through lesson plans designed to cater to the child’s learning age, they will be introduced to subjects such as English, maths and science in a fun and approachable way. They will also learn about nature through outdoor play and begin to grasp an understanding of community as they meet people from outside their family unit. This will help to spark their curiosity and passion for learning, and will lay the foundation for their future education.