How To Teach Your Child To Share & Take Turns

In the world of a young child, what’s hers is hers and essentially everything else around her seems to be hers too. If you have noticed that your toddler has reached a space where she claims everything as ‘Mine!’, then it is time to start teaching them about sharing. If your child doesn’t learn, she will most likely face problems on playdates and in nursery. Until she has mastered the idea of sharing, use these strategies below to help your child learn to share and take turns. Here is some advice from a Kindergarten in Holland Park on how to get started. 

Explain the concept of other people’s belongings

One of the first things you should teach your child when trying to separate them from their ‘mine’ mindset, is that not everything belongs to them. Remind them that certain things are there to be shared such as the swings in the park or the big box of Lego. It may take some time, but keep reminding your child that she can’t just take things whenever she wants. You can even ask them how they would feel if someone snatched or didn’t share to help them understand better.

Empathise with your child

When your child starts showing signs of being possessive over toys and belongings, try and avoid telling them off and let them know that you understand how they feel instead. Your kindness will work wonders compared to telling them off and making them feel bad. Offer a solution so that both children have the chance to play. Resistance may occur but keep trying.

Show them how it’s done

The next time your child comes to you for a sip of your drink or a bite of your snack, use this opportunity to help them understand the concept of sharing. When offering it to them, explain that you are sharing with them because it is a kind thing to do and you are happy to. Remind them how proud you would be if you ever saw them doing the same back.