Encouraging Your Child to Study at Home

Getting your child to focus on studying at home can pose quite a challenge, especially in a world seemingly jam-packed with distractions. With a little effort and patience, and by following these tips from a co-educational prep school in Oxfordshire, you can help your child develop procrastination-proof study habits to help them excel.

Create A Study Space

Creating a comfortable and quiet space for them to study should be the first port of call. A desk in their bedroom is a good option as they are less likely to be distracted by other members of the family. Make sure their study space is kept neat and tidy and away from potential distractions which could lead them to becoming side tracked.

Implement A Schedule

A regular study schedule will help forge positive habits and will avoid the risk of them putting off assignments until the last minute. Have your child plan designated time for study and encourage them to stick to this until it becomes second nature. This will reduce the late night anxiety of cramming for a test or rushing to finish a project as they will have allowed enough time to make sure they are on track.

Reward Effort

In order to make the experience feel rewarding and enjoyable you might consider implementing a reward system to keep them motivated. Help your child set achievable study goals and offer rewards if they achieve their aims. For instance, if they get a good grade on an upcoming test you could take them out for ice cream or on a family day out.

Allow Time For Rest

Spending all night cramming for a big test isn’t always the most productive option, even if it seems like your child is working really hard. Rest is extremely important to avoid burnout, and study time should be balanced with down time to maintain your child’s overall wellbeing and to help them study effectively. Break up study sessions with fun activities to give their brains a break, or try going for a walk or spending time outside to help them decompress after a long study session.