Tips for an Enjoyable Graduation Party

  When it comes to raising children, there are many milestones that parents look forward to, among them is high school graduation. This is a moment in a child’s life where they get to evolve as a person and decide what their future will be—what better way to celebrate the...

Pakistan’s Education Crises

Pakistan has hit one of the worst education crises in the world. With 44% of the children in the country displaced from schools. And 43% of the government schools functioning in dilapidated condition and providing a substandard quality of education, it is no surprise that we have hit a new...

Breaking Borders Through Global Learning

The main aspect of education, any kind of education is to groom yourself and to gain knowledge in any disciple so that you can face the world and the challenges which lay ahead. Education encompasses a broad area of subjects and includes vocational and academic education as well. We learn...

The Modern Learning Environment

The computer and other incredible technological advances have wrought huge changes in our world.  Just in day-to-day interactions, it is faster and easier to communicate than it has ever been before.  Technology has done a complete make-over in the workplace as well – no shop runs without computers for everything,...

How to Help Your Kids Cope with Loss

The passing of a loved one is never easy on anyone. Though everyone copes with grief and loss differently, it is the kids (pets included) that seem to take it the hardest. Still not mentally developed enough to comprehend it all, and suffering an overwhelming period of sadness, they can...

Tips from Classic Writers that Children Can Learn From

English composition writing has become part of every school’s curriculum, and not all students get to enjoy it. This is because as levels go higher, the lessons become more complex to learn as well. But unlike science and mathematics, writing is a rather fluid subject that makes room for creativity....

The need for proper career counseling after high school

Students when they are in school dream a lot about their career. To select a proper career and stream, it is really important to consider some of the crucial things. As students of middle school children don’t think much and go for selecting the streams from which they get influenced....
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