Pakistan’s Education Crises

Pakistan has hit one of the worst education crises in the world. With 44% of the children in the country displaced from schools. And 43% of the government schools functioning in dilapidated condition and providing a substandard quality of education, it is no surprise that we have hit a new low in educating our country’s children.Although there are different channels for provision of education, like Coursera or professional thesis writers in Pakistan, but the students either do not possess the basic education to use them or have no access to them.

Pakistan’s education crisis cannot be blamed on a selected group of people. We as a community have failed our students by setting up restrictions or are looking for personal gains in education; thus, as a whole it has a destructive impact on education. According to the studies conducted byTHESIS WRITERS PAKISTAN, here are some of the reasons why Pakistan is facing educational crisis:

  • Commercialization of Schools

Schools, especially private ones, have become commercialized and are only interested in extracting expensive fees from parents, that too for a rather substandard quality of education. An average family does not earn enough to resort to quality education – in fact;most of their needs are met from paycheck to paycheck. PHD THESIS WRITING SERVICES have had authors discuss the fact that one of the most devastating impacts on our education system comes from unnecessarily high tuition fees.

  • Low Budget

Government has allotted the lowest budget to the education sector. Additionally, corruption at every level of the administration has led to the exacerbation of our educational system. The handful universities that are providing financial aid are not really well maintained and the government teachers are mostly absent or disinterested in the actual process of teaching. Hence, students from these universities, even with fairly good educational background, tend to resort to dissertation writing services for better grasp on key concepts.

  • Unskilled Teachers

Teachers in our educational system do not require a special training other than degrees to bag positions as professors. These professors often tend to be incompetent; they only give lectures by reading off slides in a manner that I not eloquent. Thus, if you have teachers who are not even willing to put in the effort required to explain the concepts in a comprehensive manner; then of course, the students will not take the interest required for actual learning. Thesis Writers Pakistan has a huge demand, precisely for this reason.

  • Family Pressure

Unfortunately, people living below poverty line cannot afford to send their children to schools because of the expensive fees. They would rather use them as additional breadwinners for the family just so that they can use all the resources they have to earn extra income. Similarly, a lot of areas in our nation still hold on to traditional values and believes and do not encourage girls to complete their graduation; instead they are married off at a very young age. Reforms in this particular area will require years to show substantial results; for it is not merely changing a system but an entire mindset.

How Can We Overcome the Education Crisis?

In the end the question that everyone would like to find a practical solution to, is that how exactly we will be able to counter the problem of our educational crisis. The government has a huge role to play – especially when it comes to at least providing free primary education. But as concerned citizens, we must use what we have within our capacity to help overcome the crisis. Many students juggle their work by hiring THESIS WRITERS PAKISTAN and provide tuitions to the underprivileged. This has also opened doors for many roadside schools run by a group of passionate students who take out time from their busy lives to teach young children – so as to discourage them from begging on the streets. Furthermore, many distance learning programs have also been incorporated to reach out to students in rural areas.

Pakistan’s education crisis is a grave one and if we do not take the matters more seriously, we might end up going back to the dark ages instead of progressing forward as a nation.