Why Wireless Presentation is better?

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Looking for the method from which you can easily convert your school room into virtual technology, then Creating Interactive Learning Spaces for both student and teacher while installing the VIVI technology. It is a great method to make then school classroom into the screen mirroring technology. With the wireless presentation, the teacher can easily teach the entire class without any hassle. By using this technology, it helps the teacher to provide the entire information to the student in every corner of the classroom. By doing this, it will increase the engagement with the teacher and students, so that they can communicate easily to resolve the doubts in the lecture. The students who want to share their thoughts and ideas with the entire class can easily use VIVBI technology by taking permission from the teacher before they use that technology.

With the help of this technology, it will also help the student to build their confidence and get instant feedback from the entire class while sharing their thoughts from the entire class. It makes the environment of the class much better than the traditional classroom. This technology makes the simple and easy switch between the teacher and the student, so it will make the environment of the classroom more efficient for learning new things and new lessons. The screen sharing will help both teacher and student to collaborate for learning in a better environment. Features of VIVI wireless presentation solutions:

Compatible: Many other screen sharing technologies don’t compatible with both operating system of Windows and Mac. The VIVI technology is for all electronic device which means it compatible with the mobile, computer, laptop, PC and Mac. VIVI is easily equipped with the entire electronic devices.

Direct Video play: With the help of VIVI technology you can easily play a high-quality video with the help of the internet with wired technology so that it will not lower the speed of your Wi-Fi network.

Full screen: It doesn’t matter in which device you are using the VIVI technology means it provides the full screen mirroring in every electronic device which means mobile, PC, Laptops and Macs are useful with this technology and automatically detect the resolution of the device.

Easy to Manage: This technology is easy to manage, and anyone can easily use this technology for screen sharing. It is very beneficial for the entire students of the class and also gives benefit to the teacher as well.

Teacher engagement: In the traditional classroom teacher have to stand in front of the class so that they can easily engage with the students. But after installing the VIVI technology in the classroom, the teacher can easily move in the entire classroom by engaging the students in the entire class.

Empowered students: The ability of the VIVI technologies is that it will easily control the screen empowers of the students so they can easily get to know their own work while receiving feedback from the teachers.


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