Fictional writing – creation of a story based on imagination

The work of fiction is actually different from other types of story writing. It is a work or a creation that is completely based on imagination.  The author creates characters, plot of the story as well as the dialogue. The fiction does not claim to be real or a true story.It actually is creations that you never must have experienced in your life.

Types of fiction

The fictional writing is that which may intrigue us or inspire us or at time even scare us as well as engage us in absolutely new ideas. It, of course helps us to see ourselves and also the whole world in a very interesting manner. There are different types of fiction as such:

  • First is the short story that is apiece of fiction which can be read in just one sitting like about one or two hours. Since the word count is limited, these stories generally focus on just one major plot or the story line.
  • The second type is the novels that consist of more words like about 60 to 120 pages. They have usually more complex stories with many more characters.

From where does fiction originate?

The fictional writing take the details form the real life and then scramble them into something of a new creation. The author constantly recycles their thoughts in this way.  They can write anything that actually shows in their own life. This like

  • They will write about people they know.
  • May be about pieces of conversations that they have heard
  • The streets that they had once walked.
  • They write from events that they have read in the newspaper.
  • The feelings that they add is the one that they have.

The true story will of course be very different from the details that they have taken. The stories are make-believe but the details and the feelings are real.