Top Five things you must do to become Master Coach 

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Master Coaches are professional coaches with special coaching skills who go beyond the ‘what’ of a problem to the ‘Why’ of a problem. With extensive individualised Coaching experience, Master Coaches work with mentees at a much higher level of engagement than a professional ACC or PCC Coach.  To become a Master Coach, ACC or PCC certified Coaches have to pursue the Master Coach Certification

 program, accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF). The ideal candidate is a polished all-rounder with impeccable communication skills, robust leadership qualities and an existing well-reasoned client relationship.

The MCC is the final step in ICF accreditation system, which turns already skilled coaches into experts.  By obtaining an MCC the credibility of a coach increases and the value they deliver is also enhanced. Becoming an MCC allows coaches to be seen as true experts who can help their mentees bring about a wholistic change in the way they see the world. 

The Top Five things one must do to become a successful accredited MCC include:

  1. Be ready to a higher level of engagement

Before even thinking of a Master Coach certification, one must be ready to start working at a much deeper level with both oneself and the Coachee. A Master Coach does not work at the level of small every day issues. The job of a MCC is to truly allow their Coachee to embrace their potential. Only once one commits to a deeper level of work, can one consider the many steps needed to indeed become a MCC certified Coach. 

  1. Commit to Deep work and at least 2500 hours of Coaching experience across clients. The MCC is a long-term commitment and one should embark on this journey post reflection and after committing to the deep work and long hours it will involve. The numerous hours of structured coaching practise across clients, is what helps aspirant MCC Coaches in acquiring balanced knowledge and confidence. Structured practice opens up great opportunities and helps them grow well.


  1. Ensure you have a prior ICF accreditation like an ACC or PCC. This is the way to start on the MCC Coaching pathway. If you are not already credentialed by ICF, you would need to submit your experience to ICF and allow it to decide if you are eligible to start on the process of becoming a MCC Coach. This can also be evaluated by the Coach Organisation you approach. 


  1. Invest in good coaching organisation 

There are many online as well as offline, coaching organisations which provide the pathways to finally getting an MCC accreditation. It is important to find a coaching organisation which has a philosophy that resonates with the MCC aspirant. One must research, deliberate and then choose the institute that best suits one’s requirements. Also evaluate the track record of the coaching organisation and its Subject experts and mentors. The Coaching Organisation will help one achieve the goal of becoming an MCC and hence is an important step in your journey to becoming an MCC


  1. Once you have gone through the above steps you can enrol and start on the path to becoming a Master Coach. The path is long and involves a lot of work on the self. It also brings about sweeping changes in one’s behaviour and outlook as a Coach. The preliminary and the intermediate levels of coach training programs help in turning a novice coach into a proficient coach. However, it is only after the completion of advanced Master Coach Certification that coach becomes a true virtuoso. 

A Master Coach is indeed a Master of the field and an expert in the true sense of the word. All the best on this journey.