Practical Choices for the Coding Activities for Kids

While coding seems to appear to be a more masculine activity, more and more girls are practising it at all ages. A child can code when he is already playing some straightforward video games or can create. Also, the different programming methods for children and the various programming languages ​​have varying levels of complexity: some are accessible from 4 years old, while others, more complex, are recommended from 8 to 9 years old. It all depends on how comfortable the child is with a computer. For courses on computer coding for kids, this is important.

It is essential to monitor a child on a computer

Indeed, it is recommended not to exceed one hour of screen per day. In a particularly young child (4 years), cognitive development is still significant, and he must live in the “real” world. He may have trouble distinguishing the real from the virtual, so it is important to support him. This is where online coding classes for kids this is important.

Also, screens promote overweight because the child moves less; therefore, he has regular and sufficient physical activity. In addition, on the websites, there is a lot of inappropriate content for children: it is essential to guide them on their first steps on the web. Finally, it is recommended that children wear glasses with anti-blue light lenses. Blue light is emitted by screens, mainly LED screens, and has harmful consequences on the eye, especially in children. Many glasses exist and make it possible to limit the arrival of blue light to the eye. For the online coding school for kids, this is important.


There are many applications or software available for learning. It is easier to code on a computer. In addition, many programming languages ​​exist. Some are “real” like Python, for example, while others are created for software or a game, in a system of “bricks”, these are more accessible to children. Be it for the AP computer science or anything else, and you can have the best choices there. An example of a program is a series of instructions for getting out of a maze.