Benefits of Construction Quality Assurance in Engineering

When we talk about overall quality management for waste containment facilities, we have to consider Construction Quality Assurance which is a very important factor in its success.

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) is an effective system of protocols that enables the construction as a high quality work based on the standard design. It includes a series of inspections, checking, verification, audits and validation of materials needed to determine the quality and standard of a construction.

Likewise, CQA makes sure that the installers, contractors and workers involved in the project comply with the standard plan of the project. Needless to say, CQA sets the bar higher for the construction of a geosynthetic facility to assure the people that the project is above the standard and it can stand the test of time. It is somehow meticulous because once they make a mistake or a single leak is not seen, the whole project will be repeated or rebuilt. To avoid unnecessary cost and waste of time, CQA is set as a standard applied all over the world.

For example, holes and damages when undetected can possibly lead to a total revision of the construction facility. Without CQA, workers are prone to unnecessary work because leaks can ruin the quality of soil or the environment as whole.

To protect the environment from water leak, membranes have to make sure that the installation is above average. No amount of trust can surpass a personal evaluation of an installation and checking of the materials to be used in the project.

This is true because a CQA is all about a standard plan. It requires to carry out a project that has passed the requirement before it starts. It speaks of quality especially much cost is at stake in a construction if a huge mistake happens. Also, if a project is done and it fails the final CQA, tons of time and money will be wasted due to an evaluation that wasn’t carried out.

Geosynthetic installers are trained to work on standardized projects. They make sure that CQA is done at the right way, at the right place, by the right people. It is doing a project without overlooking the standards written on the plan.

In the world of geosynthetic construction, a third party CQA represents a fair evaluation of the project. It is done by the third party to make sure that there are no strings attached in the compliance to the plan.