Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Stationery

Good stationery can make the world of a difference between a great piece of written work or work of art and a common one. Good Stationery has always been in demand. Choosing the right stationery helps you to not only write better but it also makes the process of writing more pleasurable. Good stationery is a sign of a refined person. Let us look at some tips to keep in mind when choosing out stationery for your home or office.

1. Paper:

Paper is the most important part of stationery [อุปกรณ์เครื่องเขียน, which is the term in Thai]. Good quality paper is beneficial for writing and it leaves a good impression on the recipient. The good quality paper provides adequate friction between the surface and the tip of a pen or a pencil. It also does not leave impressions on the pages at the bottom and also does not get soggy easily if waterfalls on it.

2. Pencils:

Pencils should always be of high quality. When buying pencils, you should ensure that the graphite is dark enough to leave a distinct mark on the paper. Avoid buying pencils where the graphite is too brittle. The wood of the pencil should also be soft enough and not so hard as to cause discomfort on the tips of the fingers when writing.

3. Pens:

As for pens, buying the ideal pen is necessary as it affects your handwriting greatly. Pens should neither be too heavy nor too light. They should have an optimum thickness and the grips should either be grooved or have rubber grips for better handling. The ink flow should be smooth and uninterrupted. The cap of the pen should fit tightly. If the pen uses springs, they must neither be too tight or too loose. Ball-point pens must have a smooth rolling effect and the tips of the nib should not be so sharp that they tear through the paper.

4. Brushes:

In the case of artwork, brushes are an important part. Brush heads should be according to the standard size and thickness. They should be long enough for easy grip and good strokes.

5. Scissors:

A pair of paper scissors is essential to a writing table. When buying a pair of paper scissors, you must ensure that the tip is blunt to prevent injuries but that the blades are sharp enough to cut paper easily.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to buy good quality stationery. This, in turn, helps with the process of writing and impacts its quality as well.