The various ways to prepare for an examination

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We regularly receive questions about how to prepare for an exam. Whether you are doing a Microsoft or a Cisco exam for example, the preparation can be the same. In this article I explain how you can best prepare for your exam and the chance of success is greatest. As a matter of fact, in order to score good marks in gcse science, you must always follow the tips and study hard.

Follow Training

You can take the exam without training, but in practice it often appears that without theoretical knowledge it becomes difficult to pass the exam. With your practical knowledge absolutely nothing can be wrong, but during the exams, often some techniques or products are discussed down to the smallest detail. You often do not have this knowledge in your practical situation, purely because you do not need it. Yet you will need to know such things to successfully complete an exam. That is why I definitely recommend following a training course to really master the theory.


This way of learning is becoming increasingly popular. With e-learning you can learn where and when you want. The costs are lower and you are not tied to a specific time or location. In these times where new work is increasingly on the rise, e-learning can be a valuable addition. The techniques currently used in e-learning training are becoming more extensive and sophisticated. Because in many e-learning trainings also so-called virtual labs are used that are also used in classroom training, you learn exactly the same as in such classroom training, but then of course when you want it, when it suits you best and probably also at a much more affordable price.

Classical Training

Despite the fact that e-learning is booming, we notice that many people still enjoy learning in class. They do not see it at all to train in their own time and sometimes do not have the motivation to get started. In such cases, classroom training is obviously a good option. In a few (or more) days you will learn the theory that is requested during the exam. You can also ask questions directly to a trainer who is present. The choice between an e-learning training or a classroom training is of course something personal. Choose the training where you feel most comfortable. Both ways of training will have advantages and disadvantages for you.

Trial Exams

Nowadays trial exams are offered at various locations. has tried a lot of these test exams and has made a selection of test exams that can be best made to prepare you for an exam. Through the test exams you test whether your level of knowledge is sufficient to pass the exam. You will also receive substantive feedback on the exam questions. The questions in the test exam approach the actual exams very strongly. An absolute must if I say so myself.