Easy Ways to Elaborate on a Topic’s Main Idea

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One of the common issues faced by most writers today is how to elaborate on their story. This is because it is normal for you to run out of things to say over a certain topic. However, as a writer, you cannot show this “block” on your write-up, otherwise you will end up with a half-baked essay.

There are actually ways in which you can stretch your topic when writing an essay. If you are currently working towards improving your writing skills, or if you are keen in helping your child become a prolific writer in the future, then here are some tips you may want to consider:

  1. Research about your topic.

Research makes English composition writing packed with meaning and substance. And yes, any writer starts to feel the difficulty to write once they realize they do not have much to discuss in their essay, and this is due to the lack of research. It is then a must that you read about your topic’s main idea before you start writing about it, as by doing so you will come up with ideas that can be used to further discuss your subject.

Prior to writing, it is best that you read about your chosen topic. Do some research on the internet, get some relevant reading material from books and magazines, and look for information that can be used to form your essay.

  1. Draw an outline.

After doing your research, it then time to draw an outline for your essay. Drawing an outline helps because it provides a structure for your draft. Even if you are just going to jot down your ideas in bullet points, it is in this process where you can arrange and organize your thoughts until you come up with a direction you want your essay to follow.

It is in the outline where you get to decide which of your ideas prove to be relevant to your main idea and which of those you can weed out, and afterwards you already have a structured picture of how your essay is going to look be.

  1. Use facts before opinions.

Lastly, you can improve the way you elaborate your essay by stating facts first before opinions. Facts help establish the credibility of your main idea. They also give a more concrete picture of the topic you are going to discuss, and make your readers realize that you have a valid argument.

Once you have laid down the facts, then you can move towards sharing your own opinions about the main idea.

  1. Open and close your essay with an aspiration.

A good way to stretch your essay is by opening with an aspiration. You may want to briefly discuss your perspective of the topic you are going to discuss, as this helps your readers learn not just about the topic itself but your opinion as well. This also helps set expectations as to where you are going to lead them in your story.

You may also want to end your essay with the same aspiration. By doing this, you are able to remind your readers about your opinion about the topic and give them something to think about as well.