Studying in the United States, Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Habits and Habits

There are many differences between the cultures and lifestyles of China and the United States. The following will give you an analysis of the differences in living habits between the country and abroad. It’s also known as “美国大学排名” in Chinese. so that the students who are going to study in the United States will understand the Americans’ living habits, such as “纽约大学” (New York University).  


Domestic: If you are stranger to greet you or smile, you must be prepared for it and feel very strange.

Abroad: strangers who don’t know often say hello to each other or say hello with a smile and nod. This is something that is accustomed to.


Domestic: In a domestic family, younger generations cannot directly call the names of their elders. They would be disrespectful and disrespectful to their elders. Usually used to greet the commonly used grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and aunts, aunts and other honorary titles.

Abroad: Juniors can call their elders’ names directly or even call grandparents’ names directly. Non-relative people generally do not call their grandparent’s such grandfather and grandmother, uncle and aunt, etc., or others will feel very surprised. “You are my distant relatives?” Commonly called “Sir/ Ma’am” such as the teacher to call, “Mr./Ms. The + surname”, the doctor will call, “Dr. + surname (Smith)”, university professor (doctoral) to be called, “Dr. + surname (such as Walker)” and so on.


Domestic: Generally speaking, a friend who knows about a short time or an initial contact will make an appointment in advance before visiting the house. However, some of the old friends who come and go frequently feel that they are familiar with each other and do not need appointments. Therefore, they often do not make advance appointments. A phone call tells the other person to say, “Where am I? Where are you at home? Are you ready to go home? I will go to your home in a while.” Friends are often caught off guard.

Foreign: Foreigners generally value their own private life. Those who do not like sudden visits to the door are not welcome even if they are familiar. Therefore, it must be agreed in advance and come as scheduled. The appointed time must consciously avoid holidays, meal times, and too early or late. It’s best for the owner to set a convenient time.


Domestic: We used to take a hot shower in the evening and then slept comfortably.

Abroad: Americans like to bathe and wash their hair after getting up in the morning. They feel so refreshed and energetic, and their hair can be combed very well.