Questions you should ask the interviewer

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An interview is never a one-way street. Your potential employer asks questions to know about your skills and you. You, in return, should ask questions to understand the company culture, about the position, about the CEO, etc., to make sure that you fetch the right role at the right workplace.

Additionally, if you don’t prepare such intelligent questions, you run the risk of letting the interviewer assume that you are not interested in the profile or simply do not care enough to know about the company. So, how do you make sure that you prepare questions that indicate that you would be a smart hire? Keep in mind that your questions should be focused and open-ended. Let’s look at some of the questions you should be asking during your interview:

Performance measurement

Ask your interviewer how they will measure your performance once you are hired. This question is aimed at the crux of the job you would be hired for. This question shows what parameters you will be judged upon for further growth and how you can synchronize your work with the organization’s goals. You might think that the job description has everything laid out for you, but it could also be possible that the employer has been using the same job description for several years. Of course, a lot changes must have happened with the course of time.  The actual manager may have different duties as opposed to what is laid out in the job description.

Expected Challenges

This kind of information can never be understood from a job description. For instance, a job description doesn’t let you know what kind of mess you will have to deal with or any interdepartmental politics or how difficult your colleagues are going to be. If you ask such an open ended question, it can further open communication with regards to how you have approached challenges in the past. Asking about challenges will lead to a real discussion of how you’d like to tackle such issues in the workplace.

What do they care about?

Ask pertinent questions about what exactly they expect out of this position. This can definitely impress the interviewer. By asking question that reflects the organization’s real picture, you will emerge as a smart professional who can handle messy situations easily. Furthermore, you need to do your due diligence by discussing the role with people in your network who may also have inside knowledge about the company in question. Read online reviews by current and ex-employees on sites like Glassdoor. This should give you a better and fairer understanding of the firm and can, in turn, help you select questions to ask your interviewer.

Whether you are looking for jobs in Gurgaon or in Mumbai or Delhi, being well prepared for an interview is always a good decision as it lays the foundation of your first impression.