Speedy preparation for the California real estate exam

If you strive to become a salesperson or a real estate agent then the California Department of real estate has an opportunity for the candidates like you. They conduct exam to make you a part of the real estate team. Though passing the exam may be overwhelming, you will get the title as a salesperson or an agent.

Enroll yourself to obtain the license:

Before opting for the license of real estate person or a sales license you must earn the below requirements. California Real Estate Exam Prep includes the following

  • Complete the pre-license education
  • Secure employment that covers background check and fingerprint
  • Candidate above the age of 18 years
  • Submit the verification application
  • Resident of California

What should I carry to the exam hall?

Reach the exam hall before 30 minutes of the scheduled time.

  • Identification files of candidate signature along with Government Id proof with photo bearing.
  • Carry a non-scientific calculator.

Content to be prepared:

Manage your timing and maintain a standard way of preparing. Below are some of the topics for preparation.

  1. Budget calculations
  2. Ownerships and regulations of land use
  3. Transfer of property
  4. Real estate disclosures
  5. Licensing activities carried out by Government
  6. Financing
  7. Property ownership
  8. Laws of fiduciary duties and agencies

How to crack the exam on the first attempt?

To pass the real estate exam, you have to follow appropriate study materials to master your knowledge on the content. Here are some of the techniques that will help you in concentrating more on California Real Estate Exam Prep.

  1. Understanding the exam:

The exam is conducted 3 hours for salespersons with 150 questions and 5 hours test pattern with 200 questions is followed for brokers. The detailed description of the exam pattern is available on the California Bureau website.

  1. Mastering the content:

There are many resources available to master the knowledge and skills to pass the examination. Initially, have a clear picture of the books that you should follow. Later include classes, online courses, and group study to gather appropriate information.

  1. Take-up mock tests:

Giving mock tests prior to the exam will also help you to understand where you are lacking. Follow the previous year question sets to make yourself ready for the exam.

  1. Study everything in detail:

Focus on minor information, as the test makers will prepare questions based on where the candidate’s concentration will be less. So, it is good to line-by-line and step-by-step.

  1. Set timers:

For intense focus and to retain information our brain needs certain breaks. So, set timers as well as breaks for each topic that you are going to prepare.

  1. Opt for any of the distraction blockers:

As social media and the internet have a huge distraction, it is recommended to set up distraction blockers to keep you focused. Distraction blockers such as Mindful browsing, Freedom, StayFocused, FocalFilter are some of the blockers that will overcome your distractions.


Candidates who follow the tactics through their preparation will clear the exam in the first attempt. Count on the above-shared preparation techniques to crack the exam. Good luck guys!