Making A Career Choice: Things To Keep In Mind

Making a career choice when you are a teenager can be very confusing. Are you having second thoughts about getting a LLB admission? You’re mistaken if you believe that the educational stream you choose in your 12th standard is going to be the one you will have to stick to throughout your life. 

How we make the wrong choices

There are a number of things you might take into consideration while choosing a subject or school when you’re a teenager. You might take into account what your parents want you to accomplish, or your decision might be swayed by the stream or school your friends are choosing. There might be a number of factors and why you’re picking up a subjectin your 12th standard can be based on wrong reasons too! 

Coming to the right track

Making that mistake is easy however life offers plenty of chances for course correction, once you’re mature enough to make out what you want to do with your life. There are a huge number of examples that establish the fact that people might decide on a career initially while in the later stages they deviate from that career path and choose something they like which is also suitable for them. You must know that humans, by their very nature, are fickle minded, inquisitive and want to accomplish everything possible in life. 

You’ll be able to find people from all academic backgrounds in the field of law. It doesn’t matter what you wanted to do when you were at school, what matters for law is what you plan to do after you learn the subject. 

The only reason you should pick up law, or any subject for that matter, is because you’re genuinely interested in it and want to pursue it for yourself, no matter what the others may think of you.  

If you’re interested in studying law below is a list of facts which you absolutely have to know in order to succeed:

BA LLB takes five years to complete.

If you want to get admitted in a NLU then you should prepare for CLAT exam right after your 12th standard exams are over. You should have at least scored 45% on your board exam. For SC/ST candidates however, they’ll only have to secure 40% in order to be eligible. After your CLAT exam results come out, a select few will be called for CLAT counseling and based on your marks you’ll be able o secure admission in your desired university. Apart from NLUs there are a number of other universities that let you study law as well. They’re as good as the NLUs and in some respects can be regarded as better than NLUs.  Sometimes all it takes to apply in a law college is an application made at the right time. You should keep an eye out for admission schedules and send in the application whenever it’s time. 

40 questions will be allotted for English, 20 for mathematics, 40 for logical reasoning, 50 for general awareness and 50 for legal aptitude.  A number of career opportunities are available after completing your BA LLB course. You’ll be able to work with MNCs, law firms etc. corporate litigation and arbitration are also going to be things which you’ll do. There are a multitude of opportunities

Giving the CLAT exam and preparing for a career in law by getting LLB admission is an excellent career choice, you can become a lawyer no matter which stream you belong to. What matters is your will.