2 Rewarding Careers for You To Consider

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Having gainful employment is about more than making a living for many individuals. Traditionally, it has served as a rite of passage into adulthood, as well as an avenue to provide meaning and a sense of accomplishment in life. With an unemployment rate of nearly 6%, however, there are more than 9 million Americans who may be scouring job postings and help wanted ads to find work. While everyone desires a high-paying job, many are seeking an occupation that is rewarding in more ways than just remuneration. If you need a new gig, here are two service-oriented positions to consider.


There are few jobs that make more of an impact on a community than that of a firefighter. Brave individuals routinely put their lives on the line to fight fires, protect property and save lives. The work is exciting yet dangerous, and there’s a remarkable sense of teamwork and camaraderie within a crew. It’s also a job that won’t get stale, as no two days are ever the same. The position requires a lot of training, such as one could receive from a firefighter school Texas or elsewhere in the country.


A far less dangerous job, a pastor also fights fires, albeit ones of a spiritual nature. Clergymen and women are called to the position by a strong personal faith in a higher power and a conviction to serve. As religious leaders, these individuals look after the needs of a congregation, lead worship services and outreach programs, offer counseling and help people overcome the sins and impulses that flare up in life. Clergy members should be empathetic, caring, devoted and prepared to give up most of their free time. They are well paid for the service, however, as the average salary falls just under $100,000.

There are millions of jobs in the world, but some are more rewarding than others. These are two jobs that pay more than a simple salary.