Kindergarten School – A key enabler to overall development of your child

Looking back at the important moments in life that have shaped your life & career and made a better ‘YOU’, one person (apart from your parents) would always feature is your ‘favorite teacher’. You might not remember your early education but you would definitely have fond memories of your schoolJ. Once you enter the next phase of your life i.e. become a parent, you dream of giving the best possible schooling to your child.

We always talk about the importance of quality education but seldom do we realize that the first brick of quality education is laid as soon as your child goes to preschool or nursery. Nursery schools have structured nursery school programs through which teachers teach their students via playful activities. Choosing the right nursery school is important since learnings from the nurseryschool would set things up for your child’s development. Nursery curriculum is normally devised in such a manner where there are early learning goals like language and communication development, emotional development, physical development, literacy, numeracy are set. Kids are indulged in these activities so that they can achieve those goals.

The kindergarten school has two phases the Early Developmental Phase (Play Group and Nursery Program) and The Pre-School (the Senior and Junior KG program) The schools set their goals and activities according to the phases. The early developmental phase has a more hands-on experience whereas the Pre-School is a bit more academic oriented.

Majority of the nursery school activitiesfocus on the early development of your child and the activities are created in such a manner that the kids are prepared for school readiness. There might be cases where kids are not comfortable interacting with others or they never had an opportunity to mingle with other kids. In nursery school, the nursery school activities are designed in a manner that kids can play collaboratively with other kids. The focus is not only on learning but also on socialization like communicating, making friends, etc.Activities like sand play, water play, color splash, show and tell are included. A lot of exploration time is given to the children during the early developmental stage. A conscious effort is made by the school to create self-awareness, and also awareness of their environment and people around them.

The Senior and Junior KG program is more oriented towards getting the kids ready for grade school and making the transition from Preschool to Primary school smooth with meaningful and progressive learning experiences.The focus shifts a bit from play based learning to academic learning. The concepts of Applicative Numeracy and Literacy are introduced; handwriting skills and reading skills are worked on. At this level, the child is enabled to be more independent and his self-esteem is developed. The core curriculum of this program includesPersonal, social and emotional development, Math and Language readiness, Cognitive development, building vocabulary, etc.

The overall development and future of the child lie in these early years. The Pre-School plays a very important role in the development of your child and that is why you should choose it wisely!