How tocrack JEE Advancedin 20 days

The Joint Entrance Examination or the JEE, as it is more commonly called, is conducted for engineering aspirants from all over the country to get admission into the top engineering colleges on merit. Most engineering colleges including NITS accept JEE Main scores. But to get to the IITs is a different story. You need to first get through JEE Main and then take the JEE Advanced. Once you clear the JEE Advanced, depending on your rank and score, you will get to go to one of the IITs in India.

Now, the JEE Main is considered to be one of the toughest competitive exams to beat in our country but it is nothing compared to the JEE Advanced. The former is a piece of cake compared to the latter. But for lakhs of students whose dream is to study in one of the most prestigious engineering institutes that this country has produced, to take the road less traveled by is going to be worth it. Some students dream of IIT from the time they’re in their 7th or 8th standard and some prepare for JEE Advanced in 1 or 2 years. So how to crack JEE Advanced in 20 days is rather not a valid question to be asking. But if you have been preparing for it for the past months, you’ll know that it takes days to then revise all that you’ve learned.

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How to prepare for JEE Advanced

Run through the entire JEE Advanced Syllabus: Give the syllabus a run through to make sure you don’t miss out anything important.

Revise important topics thoroughly: Identify the important chapters and topics and revise them thoroughly. Do not waste time on unimportant ones, unless you have the time to spare.

Refer to NCERT books: Do not use any other help book unless you’ve revised the NCERT books thoroughly from front to back. Most JEE Advanced questions come from NCERT.

Practice previous years’ papers: Get your hands on previous years’ papers so you can practice solving them before you take your own.

Take mock tests: As a final step of preparing for JEE Advanced, mock tests will help you gain confidence, eliminate silly mistakes, manage time, etc.

Take these steps mentioned above to step up your JEE Advanced preparations in a matter of days! All the best!