Education plays a vital role in abolishing poverty – Know how

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It was pledged on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty that the best way to combat against extreme poverty all over the globe is by providing each and every girl and boy the best quality education that is needed. As per UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report, 450 million people could be immediately dug out of poverty if they were provided secondary education, thereby diminishing the number of poor people all over the world by more than 50%.

Education is one of the key factors for preventing and also reducing global poverty. In fact, there are already too many companies throughout the globe which have started emphasizing on the importance of education and they have also started investing in a commendable way. If you take into account the services of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, you will know how they help the poor people in Israel to bring them out of poverty. Here are few ways in which education can eradicate poverty.

#1: Girls and women are empowered

Education has proved to offer the biggest benefits to women and girls, way more than how they have an impact on boys. The empowerment which are obtained by the girls from education is unmatched by any other factor. The educated women usually make better decisions and they are blessed with high self-confidence. Since they’re more knowledgeable, they can take good care of their families.

#2: Education boosts economic growth

If the entire population of a country is educated, this will have a natural impact on its economic growth. With each extra year f schooling, there can be a 10% increase in the salary of a person and this clearly means that the GDP of the country can increase by 1% every year by offering education to the total population of a country. Moreover education will open up several opportunities to development and trade as well.

#3: Education improves health

The health of the people gets a boost when the people are educated and knowledgeable. When a would-be mother is educated enough, she can take better care of her health as well as her baby’s health and this will reduce the death rates of pregnant women and will also reduce the number of still births. Infant mortality rates will reduce when the pregnant woman takes her prenatal vitamins on time.

Therefore, there is a clear connection between education and reducing poverty. The government authorities should be more serious about taking the right steps to provide education to the countries so as to reduce poverty.