Drug and Alcohol Classes FAQs

Drug and alcohol courses are classes that teach people how to use alcohol responsibly and/or how to abstain from alcohol and drugs. Some people are required to take these classes, but most adults can take one of these classes if they want to. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about drug and alcohol courses.

Who Needs To Take a Drug and Alcohol Class?

Courts will mandate drug and alcohol courses to people who break a law relating to drug or alcohol use. A DUI is one of the most common crimes that will result in someone needing to take drug and alcohol classes. Other crimes, such as selling or using drugs, may also result in needing to complete a drug and alcohol course.

Are There Online Classes?

People can choose to either take an online drug and alcohol course or to take one in person. Either way, students need to make sure their class meets all of their legal requirements. Check with a court or parole officer to make sure the class’s completion certificate will be accepted. An in-person class is not usually deemed to be any better or worse than an online class.

Can You Fail a Class?

Most drug and alcohol courses are taken on a “completion” basis. This means that a person needs to attend a certain number of class hours to complete a program. Most drug and alcohol courses do not have homework or tests associated with them. While a person cannot necessarily fail a class, they can avoid completing the class. If a person does not attend their classes, then they may face additional punishment by the court system.

In most cases, only people who are required by a court to take a drug and alcohol class are the people who end up taking the classes. If these classes are not finished, other punishments or fines may be incurred.