4 Careers That Offer Flexible Schedules

Sometimes you want to work but not on the 9 to 5 schedule. Maybe you’re a night owl? Perhaps desire extra downtime? It could be that you are juggling home, kids and activities and just can’t fit it into the traditional model. No matter the case, some positions could accommodate your needs. When looking for something with a bit more flexibility, consider one of the following four positions.

  1. Medical Positions

The medical field continues to grow, and operations need people. Critical shortages in nurses and techs have encouraged hospitals to offer additional flex schedules. Consider working three twelve-hour shifts and having four days off to squeeze in more time at home. Would you instead work for a few mornings or pick your hours? Look for local offices such as dentists and primary care. They may have part-time options for tech and nursing assistants.

  1. Home Realtor

People are moving, and they need realtors to guide them through the process. This commission-based job allows you to pick your hours and clients. Be sure to research getting into real estate Boston to learn about available classes and tests you should take to qualify for sales. Because this transaction is legal and financial, you must have specific credentials.

  1. Online Educator

Many families have learned to love online education, so they’re putting their kids into platforms where they work with teachers over the computer. Instructors may take up adjunct positions or find full-time jobs. There aren’t bells anymore in this gig, but you need to watch the clock and make some phone calls.

  1. Marketing Specialist

Companies seek ways to draw in customers, and social media and online blogs remain a common avenue. In addition, email marketing remains promising. Businesses hire people to work flexible hours and accomplish much of this on their own time.

It’s okay if you don’t like the old-fashioned work schedule. Life evolves, and so does the timetable. Look for a position that fits your lifestyle and needs.