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Clever Ways to Save Money on Your School Uniform

If your child’s school requires students to wear uniforms, it can feel limiting for both you and your child. One of the strains that parents notice when shopping for uniforms is budget constraints. School uniform pieces can be very expensive, especially when children are growing, as pieces will need to be purchased frequently. However, there are ways to save on school uniforms to make things more budget friendly.

If you’re looking to save money, you’re not alone. Here are a few clever ways to help you save money on school uniforms. To learn more, read on for more tips.

Read the Uniform Guide

As a start, make sure you know what to buy. Look over the uniform guide so you know what you’re looking for. You should make a list from the requirements for the things you need. You should also be sure that your child doesn’t already have any of the components they need. Check and see if any old uniform pieces still fit, then go from there. Once you have a comprehensive checklist, you’ll be ready to go.

Also, narrow down the things you need, between the mandatory and the optional. Some uniform requirements are optional and if you don’t need it, you don’t need to buy it. This is a good rule to help you save money and go minimal with your child’s uniform wardrobe.

Shop Clearance

Of course, you should always shop clearance and remember to keep sales in mind. Whenever and wherever you can save, you should be sure to do it. Browse online for school wear suppliers and keep an eye on stores that are offering discounts. This will help you out in saving some money on your child’s school uniform.

Buy for Growth

If your child is still growing, you should buy things with a little extra room for them to grow into. Be sure to only buy a half size large however, because you won’t want your child swimming in their clothes. As long as the fit is comfortable and has a little room, you should be good to go. One of the best places to use this rule is when buying shoes for your child’s uniform. A half size larger is always a good idea for comfort and growth.

Go for Quality

Quality is important, especially if you’re going minimal. You should choose uniform pieces that will wash and wear easily and will remain durable throughout the school year. This is important for all ages, since your child will be wearing their uniform five days a week. Instead of buying the same cheap uniform pieces three times in one year, buy quality once and save time and money.

Shop Online

Lastly, choose to shop online whenever you can. There are many great suppliers online that you can buy from that offer affordable tailored quality. Be sure to use your internet resource to help you out when buying uniforms for your children.