Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Internationalization of Higher Education

The Twenty-first century has seen quite massive changes in college techniques both with regards to complexness of the techniques and also with regards to its utility for transforming information into an effective tool for social and economic changes. A very interesting relationship is growing among information, transformation expertise into suitable organizations from the trade perspective, wealth and economy. Check out digital marketing course in bangalore to learn more

Internationalization to train and learning includes the policies and methods performed by educational techniques and institutions-and even individuals to deal with the global educational environment. The inspirations for internationalization include commercial advantage, information and language purchase, enhancing the program with worldwide content, and many others. Specific projects such as division grounds, cross-border collaborative arrangements, applications for worldwide students, developing English-medium applications and degrees, and others have been put into place as part of internationalization. Efforts to monitor international initiatives and ensure quality are integral to the international higher education environment.

The college program like keystone higher ed across the world has experienced two more interesting radical changes. The first is connected with the advancement and use of computers in learning and educating as well as research and the second is connected with interaction trend. Today, education and learning go beyond across the regional limitations. Besides, the structure and perspective of educational work also have gone through a remarkable modify. Student variety and the management and pedagogical requirements of new ways of curricula distribution define the academic’s everyday workplace.

The significance of study:

The unpredictable situation in college program vis-à-vis internationalization of college makes many opportunities as well as difficulties to the instructors of college. Demands for modifying in the field of instructor education and learning are increasing significantly as part of widespread education and learning change projects in a wide variety of financially developed and third world countries. Considering these pressures, it is surprising that relatively little theoretical or empirical analysis of learning and change processes within teacher education programs have been undertaken. The present study considers this situation and makes an endeavor to understand the challenges faced or anticipated by the teaching faculty in the context of internalization of education.

Strategies for integrating the internal dimension:

There are many ways to describe the initiatives which are undertaken to internationalize an institution. They are often referred to as activities, components, procedures or strategies. In the process oriented approach to internationalization, emphasis is placed on the concept of enhancing and sustaining the international dimensions of research. Most of the colleges in general, autonomous colleges and with potential for excellence are following the process oriented approach. Yet, the faculty is not ready to equip themselves for this internationalization. The reasons mentioned by the respondents include more work, fear of losing job, lengthy working hours, high aided-unaided teaching faculty ratio, low job satisfaction levels and lack of facilities at the institutional level.


Higher education in Europe has entered into a new phase with the invasion of foreign universities and increasing aspirations of European students. This has created a need to revive the pedagogical methods. But the question still remains, whether the teaching faculty are ready to accept these changes or not? It is found in the present study that the teachers are ready to accept the challenges of global teaching. The need of the hour is to equip European teachers than permitting the foreign universities to establish their campuses in Europe. This requires an appropriate teacher education which can address the issue of organizational learning. Visit our website to apply for digital marketing course in hyderabad.