Bachelor of nursing courses

Nursing plays an important role in the health care system. It is a privileged position and carries with its significant responsibility. The nursing schools are equipped with modern clinical learning laboratories where you can develop your nursing skills in a supportive environment prior to undertake the workplace experience. At the time of the course you have to attend 21 weeks of off campus workplace experience in hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities and health services, allowing you to care for the patients and clients, keeping in to the place what you have learned in lectures, tutorial, workshops and clinical learning laboratories.

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The nursing bachelor degree is a mixture of art and science. It includes biosciences, social and behavioral sciences, effective interpersonal and group communications skills and skills in effective and collaborating ways of working.

If you go for bachelor of nursing degree, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate knowledge, skills and behaviors of the provision of safe and effective quality nursing care.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of knowledge, skills and behaviors commensurate with a tremendous nurse leader, researcher.
  • Use clinical reasoning skills so as to take effective clinical decisions.
  • Work effectively with a team who is inter-professional and communication skills.

If you wish to attend the workplace experience, you must meet NSW Health Department requirements in regard to Criminal Record Checks and Infectious Disease. And if you do not meet these requirements then you will not be able to attend the workplace experience and hence will not be able to continue in this degree course.

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