Canada Student Visa: Some Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many queries arise before applying for a Canada student Visa. We have elaborated here a few FAQs like what will be needed, where to apply and also where to live while studying. Quadatyork provides the best Apartments near York University with full amenities which are requested by most of the students. Let’s take a look on following FAQs:

  1. Q: Do I need to have an IELTS certificate for a Canada student visa?

A: Yes of course, you have to clear an IELTS exam for getting study permit and temporary residence visa for the duration of your course.

  1. Q: What is the minimum requirement of IELTS bands for studying in Canada?

A: 6 bands are the minimum requirement for a Canada study visa.

  1. Q: Is there any age limit for applying a student visa in Canada?

A: No, there is not any age limit for getting a Canadian study visa.

  1. Q: How many backlogs are permitted for a Canada study visa?

A: Once you have been acknowledged by a chosen college or University in Canada, your backlogs will not matter for the visa officer.

  1. Q: How long the Canadian student visa is valid for?

A: Generally, the validity of a student visa is depends on the length of the study program. If your program length is over two years, you can stay there for 3 years.

  1. Q: Can I work with a study visa in Canada?

A: Most of the student with study permits can either work on campus or off. For doing this, a certain criteria have to be matched. Moreover, if you have chosen a co-op program or a program with an internship, then you will have to get a work permit.

  1. Can International Students apply for a work permit?

A: yes, International students can also apply for a work permit after completing their program.

  1. Q: Can I stay in Canada after completing my graduation?

A: Yes, you can stay in Canada after your graduation. But, you need to get a work permit within 90 days after completing your study program.

  1. Q: How long does it take to obtain a Permanent Residency in Canada?

A: After completing the selected program, you will need to get a work permit for getting at least 2 years work experience in Canada. After getting 2 year work experience, you can apply for Canada PR.

  1. Q: What is an SPP Canada visa?

A:  Student Partner’s Program (SSP) has been discontinued.