Ace your SATs with these tips

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The SAT is formerly known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is a test that is developed and published by the College Board, a non-profit organization in the US. The test is used by many colleges in the US and Canada to gauge the scholarly excellence of the applicants.

The SATs, as they are now known as, were first offered in 1926 and have since then grown in popularity and acceptance and are now offered all over the world. In the US, the test is offered seven times and four times annually outside the US. The test is administered by the Educational Testing Service.

The SATs are a big part of high school graduation. They serve as the gauge by which your education in high school is gauged. A combination of SAT scores and your high school Grade Point Average (GPA) is used in many colleges for admission. For this reason, the SATs are a very vital exam and our term paper writers are here to give you tips on how to pass it.

Are you registered yet?

The very first step towards your destination of stellar SAT scores is registering. The registration process involves creating an account with the College Board, filling in your details and paying the fee required to take the exam. It is advisable to register at least three months prior to the examination date so that you can get ample time to prepare for the paper. Pick an examination location that is easily accessible from your home or school.

Get acquainted with the format of the SATs

The SATs consist of two eight-hundred-point sections. These are a math section and an evidence-based writing section made up of a reading and a writing test. A separate essay section is offered for an extra fee.

SAT questions are generally multiple-choice questions with four choices on each question. This is with the exception of the math section which contains some questions that require student responses.

This paper takes a total of three hours without the optional essay.

Do a lot of practice

Once you have familiarized with the format of the SATs, you need to prepare. This is especially important since the SATs not only test knowledge learnt in high school but also evaluate other elements you should have known along the way.

One good avenue that you can use to practice is Khan Academy. Khan academy is an online educational center that aims at providing literacy and knowledge all over the world. In 2016, the college board started a partnership with Khan Academy so as to offer free SAT practice test for willing students all over the world.

It is recommended to take at least two practice test before sitting for your SATs.

What else should your practice include?

Practice tests only point you to the right direction when studying for SATs. You will still have to make some effort in your reading. Here are some pointers;

  • Read non-fiction outside of the course material.
  • Learn how to do mental math as some sections are exclusively no-calculator.
  • Brush up on your grammar. The examiners also look at how you have structured your answers and sentences especially in the essay.

Last but not least

Relax. Take a break one night before the test so that you do not go to the test exhausted. Before you sit your exam, set a target and aspire for the best.