Best Mobile Applications to make your classroom performance better

The use of technology in the schools and colleges have become very common. First, the students used to take the help of the internet and other technological wonders outside the classes for their assignments and homework. Now since the interest of the schools and colleges developed in these technologies, they started allowing their students to use every kind of technology in the classroom which can help them to learn better. That is also the reason why the tech based companies started producing the products that help students in their education, and the educational sector becomes a profit making industry for them.

Out of the many tech based services by the companies, only two got enough respect, and acceptance by the students which helped the companies to penetrate in the school. One is the academic writing services from which student get dissertation help, and the other one are the mobile application. These mobile applications are helping the students in different ways. Every day more and more students are choosing mobile applications to simplify their different tasks in the classroom. If you are also a student and want to know about the mobile applications which can make your time in the classroom easier then read this article till the last words because, in the next part of this article, I have compiled five of the best mobile applications that can make your classroom performance better.

  1. Office Lens:

The Office Lens is an app which helps you in taking the notes. It is available in almost all the major smartphone operating systems that is why you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with your smartphone. This app allows you to take the pictures of your classroom’s whiteboard and convert them into the form of the notes. That means your concentration will not be divided into different senses which are listening, seeing and writing. You can focus entirely on the listening and can take a picture of the whiteboard anytime which the Office Lens will convert in the form of notes. You can also upload or share these notes with your friends.

  1. Evernote:

The Evernote is another mobile application which helps you in taking the notes. Where the Office Lens helps you in taking the notes directly from the classroom board, the Evernote allows you to write down the words of your professor or instructor much easily than on the notebook. With the Evernote, you can write, collect and capture ideas which will be perfectly organized in the memory of the Evernote.

  1. Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation is another cool app which you can use in your classroom and become more efficient. With this app, you don’t have to write down your assignments and homework. With this app, you can record it directly in the voice of your teacher or instructor in anywhere anytime. It also has other features like sharing it with your friends via text, email or any social media platform. Moreover, you can send it to the other apps and can create a clipboard based on your class assignments.

  1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is the non-profitable project whose aim is to provide the quality education with free of cost. The Khan Academy was first launched as a website which had almost every curriculum structure of almost every major publishers. Now the Khan Academy is also available on the app stores which means you can easily use its never ending features to make your lectures more useful. The Khan Academy is itself an online school from which you can take online classes and can get an education from many other interactive methods which you can hardly find in any other educational website or mobile apps.

  1. The Graphing Calculator:

The Graphing Calculator is a lot more than an ordinary calculator which you can easily find on the app stores. The Graphing Calculator not only do the work of the scientific calculator but also a graph up to four equations at once. That also includes implicit functions and parametric functions. Moreover, it can also make a table by entering the values.