Yuin University

A university that has been successfully serving the community since 1977, that provides higher education to students and also gives them various scholarships, it also promotes the mental health, spiritual health and also takes care of the financial wellbeing of the students. This university is known as Yuin University. The scholarships offered by Yuin university are in programs such as theology, business administration and master of science and acupuncture oriental medicine.
Yuin university is a member of transnational association of Christian Colleges and Schools, it is also attributed for providing undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities to the students.
The aim of this university is not only to provide education to the students but it aims at empowering them. it helps individuals coming from different backgrounds and cultures to grow together, and to develop in academics, professional life and even spiritually. It aims at helping individuals to become leaders and also guides them to lead a happy and successful life.
The university is functioning on the belief that if the students are taught and educated today, then tomorrow a difference will be created. It aims at transforming the ways in which the communities, businesses and organizations work, by the help of difference-makers.
The greatest thing about this university is that it not only focuses on the competency and career of the students but it also puts in all the effort to make sure that the students have a good character as well. Quality education and tremendous mentorship is provided to the students in this academic institution.


Yuin university is is a faith-based university that is committed to seek the truth and to accept God’s will in all the matters of life. Keeping this belief in mind, the university mentors the students and makes them better individuals and citizens.
Some features of the educational model of the Yuin university are as follow:
a) Professionally
The university is equipped with staff and skills that put in all the effort to make sure that the students have successful careers.

b) Personally
It focuses upon how an individual can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and how, an individual transforms his personality.

c) Economically
The university is well equipped to serve professionals and also as volunteers in specific fields of study.

d) Relationally
It is also equipped to help out people in response to the needs of the humans.

e) Spiritually
It is also equipped to foster appreciation and tolerance of other various cultures and backgrounds that exist in the world.By having all these capabilities, the students will be able to meet the needs of the business organizations, they will be able to make wealth, and they will also be tolerant and lastly, they will be able to provide benefit to a large number of people.

3Yuin university is a great opportunity for young or fresh high school graduates who are looking to pursue their undergrad degree, it is great for people you are willing to expand their knowledge. It is also great for people who are faith believers, business professionals or those who intend to get higher education. They will not only be provided with education but they will also be mentored to become great professionals, who are successful in their lives.
The university has changed the administration in order to bring new changes for the betterment of the university. For the implementation of some programmes of the university, the university also requires funds. These programmes include the online program or a new campus.
Yuin university offers the courses in Bachelors, Masters and PHD levels, the courses include theology, business administration and acupuncture oriental medicine.The Yuin university is looking for funds and backers to help them work on the implementation of the various projects that they are willing to start. The project that they are currently working on is the online project with which they intend to impart knowledge among students of undergrad, master and PHD levels. They are offering three different programs and the funds will be used for the implementation of projects relating to the programs that are being offered at the university.
You should definitely donate to this university as it aims at providing education and mentorship to students.

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