Everest Foundation and Michael Everest Supports Local Charitable Event And New School Of Medicine

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The Everest Foundation continues its philanthropic drives and charitable endeavors. Dr. Michael Everest, President of the Foundation recently sponsored the “Generosity 5K” run in Riverside Park, New York. This event raises revenue for charities like Team ReWalk, and saw seven women and men that are wheelchair users with spinal injuries participate in the function.

These brave folks were able to walk courtesy of the exoskeleton devices available. This event has changed their lives and that of the supporters that cheered them on. The Foundation worked with Dr. Ann Spungen and Dr. Mark Korsten in creating these units that help people who use wheelchairs walk again. This was done in conjunction with Mount Sinai — Icahn School of Medicine in the Bronx, James J. Peter Medical Center.

According to Dr. Michael Everest array, there was a lot of funding for research in the development of these walking mechanism. While the Everest Foundation funds research at a lot of top medical schools, this venture was among “the most rewarding we’ve ever seen.” Everest is an Indian-American doctor based in Los Angeles whose Foundation supports SCI and exoskeleton research at the Bronx VA. His work charitable, philanthropic works continues to unite and inspire people from all walks of life.

Greg Heffernan, Director of Foundation Relations for the Everest Foundation, praised Dr. Michael Everest DeMarco for his tireless efforts in helping people with spinal cord injuries. While the latter may result in severe immobility and wheelchair-bound situations, these injuries affect the rest of the body as well. With this in mind, Dr. Everest has embarked on a mission to create a good quality of life for people with better patient care in medicine.

As a nonprofit group committed to medical education and research advancement, the Everest Foundation also gifted $1 million to the Keck School of Medicine at USC. Dr. Michael Everest championed this 10-year commitment to helping the school achieve its global initiatives. This gift will also go towards the establishment of the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund; designed to help postdoctoral research trainees.

Dr. Everest and his Foundation also pledged a gift of $162,500 to the Keck School for head and neck postdoctoral research. This will go to the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Center. With a strong passion and commitment to helping people with spinal and other injuries. Dr. Michael Everest DeMarco is truly a shining beacon in the internal medicine industry.

Dr. Everest told India-West that his Foundation is dedicated to promoting and advancing medical education across the world. Everest believes in supporting and strengthening medical institutions that are conducting ground-breaking research in stem cell research. This includes ongoing trials at top medical universities and schools across the nation.

Everest was also part of an Indian delegation, which supported medical education and research in India. This support continues to be strong today with a gift to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA). The gift will be used to support the CHLA’s global education initiative. Dr. Everest also told India-West that “medical education is important to (me)”. 

Dr. Everest’s philanthropy continues to go a long way in supporting global medical education initiatives. With an emphasis on improving worldwide health, his generous grants are training the next generation of physicians. This is important in securing a better future for patients and doctors that need resources for good health and wellness. From helping the physically-disabled to promoting medical research at all levels, Dr. Michael Everest remains at the forefront of today’s health challenges and solutions.

Michael Everest DeMarco remains committed to excellence in his great charity work. As a seasoned and reputable individual, he empowers people to work hard and fulfill their dreams in any endeavor or industry. Michael’s passion is forging a better future for people with spinal column injuries and other unfortunate disabilities. With a combination of generous grants, research, and applied technologies, Everest and his Foundation can put ideas into fruition with optimal support from partners and colleagues alike.

The Everest Foundation is on the pulse of today’s global health research with more projects on the horizon. With Dr. Everest at the helm, the future remains bright for so many people that continue to be positively impacted by his work.