Why Is NCERT The Best Reference For CBSE?

When it is about preparing for the board exams and scoring optimum marks, a good number of students are seen wasting their time deciding the right study material out of the lot many options available in the market. Most of them often end up choosing the wrong study materials which might eventually lead to scoring less or even failure. National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) has been officially assigned the responsibility of developing and distributing textbooks to the students at the primary and secondary level. These NCERT books are extremely beneficial for the CBSE students as they cover the whole CBSE syllabus for class 1 to 12, focusing on the fundamentals to help the students with basic concepts.  NCERT books are the complete and ultimate reference for the CBSE students, and CBSE is hardly seen asking anything beyond these books.

Key Benefits Of Referring To NCERT Books.

1.      Includes all fundamental concepts

NCERT books don’t just cover the whole CBSE Syllabus but, on the other hand, are sufficient enough to cover each of the topics in basic and simple language. This causes the students to understand the topics perfectly. When the ideas are clear, you don’t have to mug up the entire stuff over and over. All you have to do during the exam is to brush up the equations, the terms and their execution. That is the reason NCERT books are viewed as the perfect material for thorough and comprehensive learning so as to develop a clear concept.

2.      Provides thorough knowledge of the subject in simple language.

All NCERT books are set up by experts after extensive research on each subject to give well-suited and bona fide data to the students. These books are intended to serve every student, with suitable information and knowledge in the most straightforward and simple language. Every point in these books is written with the utmost care, covering every minute details. In this manner, the NCERT books, whenever studied meticulously can help you answer every one of the questions asked in the exam.

3.      Based on the CBSE curriculum

This is another most obvious reason why NCERT books end up being extraordinarily useful to students. The NCERT books entirely stick to the CBSE educational programs making it the sufficiently adequate material so as to prepare for the board exams as well as competitive exams like JEE. NCERT materials help to shape the base for getting ready for the board examinations as the question papers in CBSE board are set according to the prescribed syllabus of the subject.

4.      Provides problems to practise

No matter how hard you work on a topic, you can’t be completely be thorough with it until you practice the same. There are questions at the end of every chapter in the NCERT books. These questions can be short or long answer type, match the following type, or even a combination of theoretical and problematic questions. As the first and foremost step towards solving the question paper, students should attempt these questions provided behind each chapter.

5.      Ideal for the CBSE board exam preparation

Most of the questions in the previous year question papers, if you observe, will be asked directly or indirectly from the NCERT books. For the last two years the CBSE Class 11 and 12 Mathematics exam, that was claimed to be the toughest each year contained most of the questions from the Exemplar Problems of NCERT 11 Maths Book and NCERT Class 12 Maths Book Respectively. Very often, CBSE asks complicated or twisted questions in the board papers. At that point, the students who mug up the NCERT books, whines stating that the questions are out of syllabus. Hence, you have to understand that NCERT book is for reference and can be used to understand the concepts, simply by-hearting what is written in it will do you no good if the questions asked are not directly from the NCERT book.


There is no damage in depending on other books for reference. It is always seen that these reference books are brimming with short notes, without giving any fundamental information which can deviate the students from their objective and confuse them. Hence, it is always smarter to stick on to the NCERT books and practice example questions given in the NCERT textbook to perform exceptionally well in the board exams.

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