What You Should Know About RSA & RSG Certificate Courses

RSA (responsible service of alcohol) is a certificate for bartenders. Its a common certificate required for bartenders in bars. No RSA, no job. Most employers (if not all) on English speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and so on, requires employers pre-hiring to have such a certificate. With that thought, you simply just can’t go up to the bar manager and tell them that you want a job as a bartender. That doesn’t work like what you see in movies, There are things that need to be done before that happens and one of those is RSA.

RSG (responsible gambling services) is standard practice for people working in casinos. It’s like a subtle way to do crowd control. As you know, casinos are a common place for drunk and rowdy crowd especially if the alcohol and defeat are settling in. Its a training to help the people that work in these places to know what they need to do when chaos is happening. It’s very similar in RSA in a way, the only thing is that it only covers the gambling aspect.

What’s the purpose of RSA and RSG? The purpose of both RSA and RSG is standard. Having that standard level of practice goes a long way. Since customers will have the consistency of service being delivered to them. This is critical because it makes the places of practice becoming civilized even if these are the common places where there are people that aren’t civilized at times like bars and casinos.

There are courses that combine both: You should know that there are RSA & RSG Certificate Courses that you can avail. The best part about it is that you will get both classes and certification at a small cost. It’s not really an edge since its a requirement and given its price its well worth it. But of course, you do need to find a good place to learn and get satisfied so that you’re will get the most out of what you paid for. In finding a place to learn and to certify, below are a few things that you should look for:

  • Has trained thousands of students
  • Has a low cost and pay later plan
  • Has fun and interactive online learning
  • Lessons are mobile and tablet friendly
  • Has a 100% online resume online
  • Extended hours of support
  • Instant certificate post completion

Are there other uses for it? RSA and RSG have good uses. What are these things good for? Aside from the stands of practice, it also gives the staff employed in the place covered that requires RSA and RSG knowledge on what to do in certain instances. Like being strict with underage drinkers or players. Preventing drunk driving or chaos and more. Basically, it helps minimize liabilities by addressing potential chaos through preventive measures. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

RSA and RSG are a requirement in casinos and bars. It basically teaches the people working in these places to know how to do crowd control, minimize damage and know something about preventive measures. It aims to give a standard of practice for all fields mentioned, giving consistency to the services rendered. And of course being well trained in either or both RSA and RSG starts with a good place to train.