True Music Lovers Do Not Impose Their Choice on Others

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The existence of music is the best proof you have that boundaries have only been created by humans to separate their pieces of land. The feelings and sensations that music stores within itself are conveyed from one region to another region as is. The attachment of people with music sees no region or culture. When they like a melody, they like it. When they are humming a song, they don’t care who sung it. When they feel emotional after hearing a song, their expressions are pure. However, the one area where many music lovers fail is tolerance.

Do Not Impose Your Music on Others

It is often the case that the lovers of one genre are always fighting with the fans of another genre. What’s even more surprising is the fact that they are trying to prove that their genre is better than theirs. Music transcends all types of boundaries and segregations. You imposing your choice on others is against the essence of music. What you have to realize here is that music affects brains of different people differently. Even the science backs up that claim. When you say the music you hear is better than someone else’s choice, you are making an invalid point.

If you love strawberry ice cream, would you want the entire world to love this same flavor? Or if someone loves vanilla, would you approve if they forced you to like vanilla? Maybe they like the lightness of this flavor but you like to go with richer flavors with nuts and fruits. Perhaps you are someone who does not understand why people love chocolate. The whole idea is that different people have different tastes, not just in food but music as well. All you have to do is comprehend this idea to be tolerant towards the choices of others.

Perhaps you like metal and others think of it as sheer noise. If you are a true metal listener, you can literally tell every musical instrument in a metal song apart. This right here is the proof that people perceive different things differently. The last resort for people to debate about their music choice is complexity. They would boast how complex the music they hear is. Here’s the thing, complexity does not override likeness. Sometimes, a glass of chilled lemonade is all you need rather than a professionally prepared and perfectly proportioned mojito.

Bottom Line

These words might sound harsh to you but if you impose your music choice on others, you are not a true music lover. When you start loving music rather than love a particular genre, you start finding beauty in every type of music. You get to appreciate the work that people put behind every piece of music. You even start to love the history of how certain music genres were created. It is not a commandment from God that a metal listener will not be emotionally moved by a pop song or vice versa. Open your heart and mind to explore the true beauty of music.