Tips on being better in communicating with others

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Relationships are tough whether it’s your partner, family members, friends or co-workers. Each one of us has a unique way of expressing ourselves. The problem is, relationships can deplete our minds and souls of energy especially when it comes to communication. To be precise, the quality of your relationship is determined by the quality of your communication.

It doesn’t matter what language you have mastered, if you can’t get your message across people, there is no use of even learning one of the most popular languages like Turkish, French or Arabic. If you are determined to communicate better, these tips are exactly what you need to read:

  • Learn to be a good listener

It’s a rule of communication to be actively engaged and interested in what the other person has to say.  It’s disrespectful to sit there silently and pretend that you are listening. This isn’t going to be productive for both parties. Hold your response for a while and listen to the other person. It is equally important to ask questions for the purpose of clarity. Good questions make communication better.

  • Don’t be impatient

When the other person is talking, don’t interrupt. Wait until they are done talking. Remember, if they aren’t finished yet, it means they are not ready to listen. Therefore, no matter how well you communicate, they will not hear your message.

  • Get familiar with non-verbal cues

According to a study, non-verbal communication accounts for 55% of how your audience perceives you. In short, a majority of what you say is not communicated through words but your physical cues.

You need to work on your posture, gestures, and facial expressions to communicate clearly. Arm folding and slouching gives the impression that you are not confident. Make sure you move around the space you have been provided with and maintain eye contact with your audience to communicate well.  

  • Don’t be afraid of long pauses

Human communication is a lot more than just spoken words. Even if there is a pause during the communication, it isn’t necessarily bad. There might be a few situations that make the listener uncomfortable. If that happens, don’t worry, give them time to collect their thoughts and speak. During these silences, you must remain an active listener.

  • Use stories to help your audience remember

Public speakers use this tactic because human beings are persuaded by stories much more than facts and figures. With the help of stories and analogies, you get to illustrate your point. It is a way of translating your ideas into tangible instances. Your audience won’t just get what you are trying to say but also remember it for a long time.

  • Make the communication two-way

There is a sender and a receiver in each communication. Unfortunately, often, we function in sending mode only. That makes communication dull and boring. It needs to be two-way which is only possible if you ask questions and seek feedback. You must strike a balance between talking, listening, and asking to make the communication flow both ways.