How to Make Teaching Fractions Easier for Children

Year around you would come across the same things about fractions. Not all students would be able to comprehend fractions in an easy manner. It would not be wrong to suggest that with fractions traditionally taught in the elementary and middle school, there would be a huge number of students having trouble with fractions in the high school as well.

It would be pertinent to mention here that a solid understanding of fractions has been deemed essential foundations for building successful high school maths.

Reasons for Fractions being Difficult to understand

You should rest assured that teaching fractions have been an imperative aspect of the math curriculum. However, the question to ponder upon would be why fractions have been relatively difficult for children to understand.

Find below three big aspects that might be tripping children more often.

  • Lack of Understanding the Concepts

Mostly, tutors and parents have been asking children to perform a series of steps. It would be done without the children required to understand the reasons behind the steps. At times, when the children are younger, they would not have developed enough to understand the concepts in the right manner.

  • Development of Misconceptions

Children would often develop misconceptions about the challenging topics in maths. It would be inclusive of fractions as well. When you would be required to help the children confront those various kinds of misconceptions, learning tends to occur in an easy manner.

  • Lack of Practice for Children

Children tend to struggle with fractions for the same reason as they would struggle with various kinds of new concepts. It would be merely lack of practice.

Children could be helped to go beyond such hindrances. Find below few essential fraction ideas for the children.

  • Getting Hands-on

Manipulative could assist in strengthening the concepts. Building fraction kits along with children before every fraction being taught could be helpful. It would help the children develop their understanding based on visual concepts.

  • Using the Games in the Learning Process

Games have been known to serve more than a single purpose. Foremost, they would make a boring and dry topic relatively more fun and interesting. They would also cater you with a visual component that has been specifically designed to help most students.

  • Need to teach Fractions Strategically

When looking forward to introducing a relatively new concept, games or free manipulative could assist various students in learning the fractions in an easy manner. However, it would be pertinent to map out your specific goals and objectives before teaching a specific challenging concept.