The Numbers Don’t Lie- Online Learning Is Big Business

With the digital revolution exiting its infancy and settling into young adulthood, several new learning media are finding secure footing online. Educational approaches range from e-courses to open source learning, in which students create their own pedagogical environments in conjunction with teachers and peers. Other methods include ebooks and instructional videos, which give students access to a knowledgeable guru or instructor without the high cost of a university environment. Check out digital marketing course in bangalore to learn more

As a result, access to information is exploding like never before. In this democratic online environment, one doesn’t need an acceptance letter to learn. Now anyone can acquire new skills, engage in rigorous physical and academic environments, and collaborate with instructors and peers to advance their abilities and careers.

Similarly, anyone with a developed skill set they’d like to impart to others can now upload content online and begin teaching large numbers of students right away. With so much in its favor, it’s no wonder online learning is such big business.

The Explosive Growth of Learning Management Systems

As of March 2017, there were an estimated 700-1,000 Learning Management System (LMS) providers. An LMS is a platform that enables individuals and groups to upload content that others can view and interact with. Costs are traditionally very reasonable, lowering the barrier to entry for both instructors and students.

Need more numbers? As of 2015, the LMS “market was worth somewhere around $165 billion,” says eLogic Learning. “At a 5{fe8a02e2a49e3b33eec8182ae2e66c151723314a4547f5e888df5d89ac8e4e1c} increase every year, that puts us on track for an almost $182 billion market in 2017 and hitting almost $240 billion by 2023.

“In a similar booming growth,” they add, “corporate eLearning has grown by a staggering 900{fe8a02e2a49e3b33eec8182ae2e66c151723314a4547f5e888df5d89ac8e4e1c} in the last 16 years. And, approximately 77{fe8a02e2a49e3b33eec8182ae2e66c151723314a4547f5e888df5d89ac8e4e1c} of U.S. companies offer online training as a way to improve their employee’s professional development.” That’s not all: “eLearning has also led to an increase in revenue for 42{fe8a02e2a49e3b33eec8182ae2e66c151723314a4547f5e888df5d89ac8e4e1c} of companies.”

Let’s Not Forget About Video

As they say, video killed the radio star. In this case, that’s a very good thing: Video’s commanding growth in the online sphere points to its usefulness as a learning medium for large groups of people.

In the opinion of Gordon Tredgold, writing for Inc., “Video marketing has been growing at an alarming rate, but I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that any company that does not have an aggressive Video Marketing Strategy for 2017 is going to get left behind.”

The statistics reported by Inc. are staggering. By 2019, video is slated to represent 80 percent of all internet traffic. Including one in an email increases conversion up to 300 percent and on a landing page up to 80 percent. Every year, YouTube sees a 100-percent rise in mobile video consumption. Further, 59 percent of execs would rather watch a video than read text, and 50 percent of them will search for more information after watching a vid.

Stats like these make clear that video is the human race’s current favorite means of imbibing knowledge and increasing skills.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Inevitably, the adoption of new technology becomes de rigeur, and every business will soon take up the torch of video content. The danger of not following suit is that you may get left behind, your expertise overshadowed by the thousands of competing pieces of content out there. As a pre-existing company, it’s critical your marketing efforts include video in blog posts, email newsletters and social media blasts.

As an individual with a skillset to share, it’s equally important that you make your mark by using video. Not only can you prove expertise and carve out a niche for yourself, you can make a lot of money by selling videos to people who want your content and your expertise. By putting videos online, you can:

  • Demonstrate your expertise and drive people toward further courses, ebooks, and published works on Amazon and other indie platforms
  • Encourage signups to membership sites
  • Make money by teaching large groups of people without having to create new content
  • Repurpose content and make additional income
  • Outfit your blog posts and other collateral media to convert more people and drive them toward other video content

The possibilities for video eLearning are endless. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make use of these sweeping trends to start a business, increase your current business’s success and help those you most want to inspire.

A Better Than Ever Time to Put Your Knowledge Out There

The inescapable conclusion is that now is the time to start selling videos online. Not only is opportunity ripe, but by waiting, you run the danger of not being able to catch up later. Getting in while the technology is relatively nascent can bring rewards you can’t even imagine. Consider a few examples from Uscreen, an online video-selling platform: A site with 400 paying subscribers can bring in $35,000 per month, while 1,200 subscribers generates $59,000. A site with 500 one-time sale customers has generated almost $364,000 to date.

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