The New Reading Game – Instant Child Reading Comprehension and Fluency Results

The ability to read and comprehend forms an essential part of children’s lives. However, not all children have good reading processing skills. Some children experience reading delays and deficiencies due to many reasons. The good news is that there is an innovative digital program that can correct poor reading processing skills in children – The New Reading Game.

The new reading game is an interactive and high-tech game that is designed to address the root of poor reading processing skills in children. This game teaches children reading in a way that is entertaining and improves their interest in getting to know language better. This program truly delivers the intended results as it is based on proven clinical outcomes.

Essentially, the new reading game addresses poor directionality, small field of view, poor motor skills, all of which contribute to reading deficiencies. To correct these reading deficiencies in children, the game targets proper pronunciation, vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension, speed and span of recognition, memory enhancement, positive operant conditioning, reinforcement and many other entities.

Who’s the new reading game meant for?

This game is generally meant for children with poor reading skills. Some of the children who can benefit from this game include:

  • Children who experience difficulties concentrating when reading.
  • Children who dislike reading and tend to avoid reading.
  • Children who have difficulty remembering what they read and those whose comprehension of reading decreases overtime.
  • Children who use their finger when reading.

The new reading game utilizes five key aspects to encourage reading retention.

Left to right movements-The program projects sentences on a screen in left to right movements to encourage proper directionality of reading. The directional movement of words prevents making right to left eye movement, which interferes with correct reading.

Pausing-This program projects constantly moving words across a screen to discourage long pausing.

Speed – This program allows the child to increase the speed of the movement of words across the screen. They can increase the speed as their processing skill improve.

Timing– This game projects words across the screen in a controlled manner whereby the child can read over and over again in order to train the brain.

Rhythm – Just like timing, this program shows the child the correct reading rhythm, which they can mimic to develop the correct neural pattern.

How does the new reading game benefit children?

  • This game infuses confidence in children who experience reading delays and deficiencies. This boosts their self-esteem, allowing them to perform better in other areas of life.
  • It helps children to develop the ability to read, which translates to better comprehension and good grades in school.
  • This game works almost instantly to correct deficiencies in children with poor reading rates. Given its exciting and interactive approach, children won’t experience any frustrations or struggle when practicing.

The new reading game is an excellent program that delivers child reading comprehension and fluency results. Its interactive approach, combined with the superior aspects of reading retention makes it an excellent program for correcting reading deficiencies in children.