Excellent Tableau Interview Questions you should prepare

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Tableau is an intelligent business solution which provides an exceptionally effective data visualization platform to make business presentations attractive. An individual working with Tableau needs to be qualified and highly-skilled to make the most of the features provided by Tableau and efficiently prepare dashboards. Tableau dashboards can be designed in a number of ways, and there are many possibilities and options available for a professional to create the most suitable dashboard as per the business requirement. Apply for tableau online training in hyderabad to learn more.

Thus, the Tableau practitioner must have relevant knowledge and skills in this field. Employers will make sure that the one they are hiring is capable or not. Given below are some of the questions that you should prepare for cracking the Tableau interview in the first go itself: –

  • How is Tableau better than other products?

 An answer, you must give a brief introduction to data visualization and data visualization tools. Then you need to explain the need for smart data visualization, as many organizations are looking for better business management and to handle huge amounts of data; it is essential to take help from smart data visualization tools. There are many products available in the market whose functions are more or less similar to Tableau. Though, there are some features that Tableau has, making it a better option as compared to the others. Tableau holds 1st ranking among the BI tools. It has an average rating of 8.6 & has three major products (online, desktop, server). It is being used by top industries, and allows for rapid business strategy development and decision making. These are some of the advantages you can mention along with the various benefits that you know about.

  • What is Tableau extract? What are its advantages?

With defining Tableau extract, and you can even frame it as, “Tableau data extracts are compressed snapshots of data stored on disk.” You must mention the usefulness of the Tableau extracts as they improve the performance. How to create these extracts, along with giving them information about how to refresh it could make your answer stand out. Coming on the advantages, you must try to state as many as you can starting from the most important ones. Supports large data sets, fast to create, improvement in performance, support for additional functionality, offline access to data, etc. are some of the advantages of Tableau extract that you could mention.

  • Explain all the products of Tableau? 

You need to mention what are those products and then begin with the explanation. Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Public are the five main products you need to mention. Then take each and explain one by one. 

  • Which version of Tableau have you worked on? 

The interviewer asks this. Then you need to state whatever versions you have worked. It would be better if you give a few details about your experience. The interviewers sometimes cross-question on the basis of tableau version you mention. For example, if you say you have worked on 9.2, 8.3 and 9.1, then he/she might ask about the specifications of each and could also ask about the new features added (if any). Thus, you need to stay updated if any feature or advancement has been introduced.

  • What are the different data types in Tableau?

All the data types that Tableau supports along with the meaning of each. String, Number (whole), Number (decimal), Boolean, Date, Date and Time and Geographical values are the types of data Tableau supports.

  • Explain what Tableau dashboards are? 

About Tableau dashboards is the most common question, and you must prepare a brief account of the dashboard well in advance. Also, you should not forget to include keywords like Visualization of data, datasheets, visual analysis, etc. 

  • What do you think about the improvements in Tableau? State some ways by which the Tableau performance can be improved? 

Must give at least 4 to 5 ways to improve the performance of Tableau. Use an extract to make workbooks run faster, decreasing the scope of data by reducing the volume of data, use context filters, reducing filter usage, etc. are some of the ways you could suggest. If you are passionate about this subject than you should admit at tableau training in bangalore

You must answer each and everything properly and assure the employer that their work is in safe hands if they hire you. Every employer will look for a certificate and appropriate experience or practice in this field; thus, it’s important to receive the certification from one of the renowned institutes such as PST Analytics. PST Analytics offers industry oriented training to the students and helps them access better job opportunities. Their highly experienced professionals ensure that you learn the best Tableau practices.