Side Gigs for the Bored When Studying

A lot of people have found themselves stuck at home and bored recently. Whether you’re seeing reduced hours at work, more time between classes or simply less time going out with friends, you might find yourself short on money but long on time. Maybe you’ve thought about picking up a side gig to fill the time a little bit and line your pockets a little bit more, but you don’t think you’re qualified. Here are three side gigs that almost anyone can do in their spare time.


Lots of students need tutoring, even when schools have moved to distance learning or an online format. Students still need an online biology tutor Edison NJ or a mathematics tutor in Sacramento CA. The demand for online tutors means that whatever area you have expertise in, there’s a student somewhere who could use that expertise.


If you’re thinking that maybe you could teach English, then you might also want to consider picking up a side gig writing content online. There are plenty of blogs that need material and people who are willing to pay you to produce it, as long as you can write a coherent sentence and a thoughtful essay.


If you don’t have an interest in teaching or writing but you do have a car, then you might consider a side gig that involves driving. These are perhaps the most commonly known side gigs. There are plenty of large ride-sharing, grocery-buying and food-delivering side gigs that you can pick up to help cover the cost of gas.

Side gigs are a great way to earn a little extra cash on the weekends or in your off-hours. Whether you just want something to keep you occupied or you find yourself needing a little extra income, there are plenty of side gigs available to you. It’s just a matter of finding the one that’s the most fun for you.