Playing Chess Exercises the Brain Muscle

Is Chess a Game Smart People Play, or Does Playing Chess Make People Smart? Using the Developmental Asset Approach identified by the Search Institute, GiddyGlove PARC is focused on helping students learn to think by teaching them how to Play Chess and Have FUN Doing It.

Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and has forever been linked with intelligence and smartness. There have been doubts regarding the question as to whether playing chess increases your smartness or only smart people engage in playing chess? The answer is actually both. Since chess is a highly stimulating activity for the brain, smart people are attracted towards it as their brain sees it as a fun challenge. At the same time, playing chess also makes you smart because chess is a strategic game, and A Strategic Game Requires Thinking – the more you think, the more you use your brain, the stronger it becomes and therefore you grow smarter.

It is a lot like exercise. When you do physical exercise, your muscles are strained and they get stronger and tougher. Your brain is also a muscle. So, when you do mental exercise (such as strategic thinking while playing chess), your brain’s capacity to think and solve problems increases and your brain gets strengthened. In this way, chess play exercises the brain muscle.

The Developmental Asset Approach identified by the Search Institute includes the importance of a student’s commitment to learning. You cannot learn well unless you can think well. For greater thinking ability, playing games like chess is very useful. GiddyGlove PARC helps students to learn to think and analyze through playing chess in a fun way.

In chess the game, there are two sides, the representatives of two kingdoms in a battle. The objective of each side is to capture the king of the other side, while at the same time keeping your own king safe. Thus in this highly strategic game, every action, every move is calculated. To make these strategies, your brain has to think, and therefore playing chess is a highly stimulating mental exercise. While playing chess, you not only have to think about your move but also keep in mind what your opponent might be thinking. Your brain remains very active if you constantly have these analytical thoughts coursing through your mind.

Thus, just as running on the treadmill strengthens and tones your leg muscles, similarly, analytical thinking while playing chess exercises your brain muscles and such mental activity benefits your overall mental efficiency and health.

Luna Griffin
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