6 reasons why studying CBSE class 11 concepts is important

CBSE Class 12 is an important stage in science students, class12 exams are one of the exams which determine your entire career and your future as well. Hence CBSE class 12 science students thrive hard to score good marks in class 12 examinations because these marks will decide the course they take in their graduation and thereby deciding their career as well.

But while studying class 11 they take it lightly and this will make them fail miserably.  Here are a few of the reasons to tell you why you should not ignore NCERT class 11 syllabus and NCERT class 11 books.

  1. Fundamentals

NCERT Class 11 book have the fundamental concepts that are very much necessary to understand the topics of class 12 and higher-end topics involved in science graduation courses. All the concepts in class 11 and 12 are interrelated. For instance, if you fail to understand the concept of calculus provided in CBSE class 11 maths. It will be very difficult to understand the trigonometry concepts and class 12 and it will be even more difficult in graduation courses like engineering.

  1. NCERT solutions provide practice

NCERT Solutions for class 11 provides the necessary practice of solving a variety of questions. Solving NCERT Solutions from NCERT class 11 book cultivate the habit of time management in you which is very important when you write board exams in class 12. Ignoring NCERT solutions of NCERT books for class 11 will make you miss the important trick of solving questions.

  1. Foreword to your entrance exam preparation:

Students who are seriously preparing for the entrance exams like NEET, JEE etc. NCERT Class 11 syllabus acts as the foreword for your preparation. Entrance examination comprises question from class11 as well as class 12 syllabus. Hence it is not a wise idea to ignore class 11 syllabus if students want to score good marks in the entrance examination.

  1. Motivating factor

A good score in class 11 examination is always a motivating factor and it will boost confidence in you to face class 12 board exams.

  1. Competitive exam preparation:

If students are planning to take competitive exams in future, it is very important to study concepts from class 11 such as statistics, probability, calculus which are often asked in all the competitive examination in aptitude section.

  1. Study Strategy

It is always wise to study in advance, hence a good study strategy in class 11 will make the way smooth when you come to class 12. If you are well versed in the following study strategy and in following study timetable in class 11. The same strategy can be continued when you come to class 12.


CBSE students often ignore class 11 for they will not get reflected in their graduation entrance or any other courses they wish to enrol. But it is always recommended to thoroughly study class 11 concepts as they are fundamentals and help in the entrance exam and competitive exam preparation.