Packing Up for Campus Living: A few Do’s and Don’ts

You may be worried, excited, and at the same time frustrated when the time comes to start packing for Campus living. You don’t want to leave behind anything that will be needed during campus stay. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Let’s make the packing process a little easier by following some tips to move to York University housing with ease.

  • Consider Electronics

Electronic items like a small fridge for snacks and drinks can be carried. But, make sure to know all the amenities and functions that are available in the fridge. So that any inconvenience can be avoided. Other things that you should carry are a personal computer, printer and printing supplies. Some more lamps and lighting system may also be required in your room

  • Start With the Essentials

Draw a list of things you’re going to use every day. This includes personal toiletries, shampoo, toothbrush, hygiene products, hand sanitizer and many more. Start with these necessities and ensure that you packing them in advance since you will need them while living on campus near York University.

  • Carry Your Dishes Too

Don’t forget to pack some dishes, cutlery, cups, and glasses. Don’t be tempted to add lots of dishes in your language. Hold only one or two of each type because too many will not be required.

  • Important Documents to Remember

Don’t pack unnecessary things and forget your important documents. It includes your room assignment detail and admission letter. The required documents vary from residence to residence. However, if you are a foreign student, just be sure to carry everything you have, including your identifying documents. Some pens, pencils and other essential elements of school will be useful.

  • Carry Extra Beddings

Although a standard bed with mattress may be given in the York University room, don’t forget to carry your own bed sheets, bed linen, and pillows.

  • Items You’ll Need for Convenience

You should take your bike and cycle lock from home as it will be handy. You probably won’t need a bike at York University to drive around because you can go anywhere in less than 15 minutes at York University.

  • Items You’ll Need for Convenience

Avoid carrying alcoholic products when you first move to school like alcohol paraphernalia like funnels, bottles, kegs, bubbas, drinking hats and bongs. Moreover, you might not be allowed to carry open flames like candles or incense.