Maths Uses In Everyday Work

Children of various ages can be taught the importance of maths by telling them its applications in the everyday tasks which we encounter. It is known that when it comes to maths, giving examples of the real-life applications of the learned concepts will ensure a smooth retention. That is why it is advised for teachers to make use of the power of imagination of students when it comes to maths. Below are the few uses of maths in everyday life. Some concepts can be found in RD Sharma Class 12 book which is frequently used by students to prepare effectively for exams.


The oldest concepts of maths are geometry, in which we get ourselves acquainted with the shapes and space of geometrical figures. We get to learn formulas and equations on volumes and areas of rectangle, square, circle and many more. During ancient times, humans found the radius and diameter of the Earth using the techniques which we learn in school nowadays.


Deciding the number of chocolates we can get with the amount of money we have, requires the use of algebra if you could get the required answer means you are good at this concept. In our classes, we are taught algebra of all sorts from basics to professional functions which could be applied to everything we see around us.


Every time we switch to a news channel, we are being flooded with a lot of information such as the stocks analysis, voting polls, crime rate, technology growth percentage etc. With a knowledge of statistics, we won’t be requiring the help of an expert when it comes to managing the probability of winning in a game or profiting from stocks etc. If you wish to learn more about it, this chapter can be found in RD Sharma Class 11 book.

These were some uses of maths in our everyday activities, from the moment we wake up from our bed to back to it again.