How to strengthen the personality of your teenager

He pushed the teenager to solve his own problems

The teenager must realize himself, know his requirements, rights, and duties, in order to be able to solve the problems that may face himself, and this comes with the full support of the family and the school, as their role in this stage is essential and influential, and the teenager’s personality is determined, and how he deals with others, and he is This is done by the teenager following the following steps: [1]

Study his personality, define his needs, and understand his experiences and his ability to solve the problems facing him.

Develop his potential and capabilities, and enhance confidence in himself as possible.

Training in facing problems, and working to find appropriate solutions to them without the need for help from others as possible.

Reinforcement of his decisions and praise her if his decisions are appropriate, and able to solve the problems facing him.

Supporting the teenager and pushing him towards innovation and creativity by supporting the family, or psychological and social counselors, and providing him with psychological and financial stability.

Adolescent acceptance in the family and society

Man seeks by nature to obtain appreciation and love of others for him and respect for his personality, and alienates his contempt, marginalization, and ridicule from him, therefore, the acceptance of the teenager in his family and society is an essential pillar for his acceptance of himself, his acceptance of others and the work of their guidance, so there are two important factors that must be taken into consideration Consider how to deal with a teenager to accept himself, and accept others, namely: [2]

* Appreciate the teenager and try to understand his different needs, and make him feel that he is a person of value to his family, school and community.

Respecting a teenager’s decisions while trying to direct his behavior to the best in dealing with the events he faces. If the teenager is appreciated and respected during this period, this will make him accept himself, enhance his confidence, and change his behavior for the better.

Provide family support to the teenager

Many recent research shows the important role of the family in the treatment of behavioral disorders and weak personality in adolescents, as the Newport Academy emphasized that family participation is an essential part of treating adolescents from this problem, and this is through providing support and love to adolescents, directing their behavior, and dealing with their emotions And his reactions calmly. [3]


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