Advantages of CBSE over other education boards

One of the most tasking things for a parent is to select the right education board that is in-line with the aspirations of the child.  A couple of years back, there were few education boards in India e.g. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the scenario was less confusing for the parents, as well as the kids. Fast forward now, the confusion has grown multi-fold as there are many different education boards – ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), and SSC to choose from.

Whether you should opt for CBSE board or ICSE board or IB board or SSC board or State board is a never-ending debate. Many end up taking wrong decisions when choosing the board and this makes life in school extremely miserable. Many students might not be able to cope up with the studies of a particular board if the curriculum structure and teaching methodology are not as per their liking.

CBSE is the national board of our country. It is one of the widely preferred boards by kids as well as parents as the curriculum and teaching methodology are more conducive to the national interests of our country. If your child is aspiring to get into IIT, he/she should choose CBSE over ICSE or other education boards. Also, all major competitive exams like JEE are conducted by CBSE.

As far as Hyderabad is concerned, there are many good schools in Gachibowli area including EuroSchool where their teaching staff works relentlessly on nurturing young minds. As the school advocates inclusive education, their staff ensures that no child in EuroSchool is left behind. They work on the holistic development of the child. As Euro Schools across India subscribe to balanced schooling, they prepare their students for the future where they Learn – Reinforce – Practice – Apply knowledge, concepts, and skills. Along with academics, there is a focus on non-academic activities so that the children get an opportunity to hone their overall skills.

The curriculum of CBSE is aligned in more student-friendly when compared to other education boards. There is less pressure on the students and the books in CBSE are more interactive and engaging. This is enough motivation for the students who opt for CBSE. CBSE curriculum is well-developed which ensures that there is a focus on the all-round development of the child.

There is no room for rote learning in CBSE. If you have aspirations to get into IIT/AIIMS/other premier institutes in India for higher education, you should choose a good CBSE affiliated school like EuroSchool. The other advantage of going with CBSE board is that there is no compulsion whatsoever when picking a particular stream. Hence, students can opt for subjects that align with their interests and future plans.

EuroSchool is considered as one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad primarily because it focuses on many other important aspects like skills development, personal well-being, cultural exposure, etc. apart from academic studies. It is important that parents and children are on the same page when choosing a particular education board or a school. Apart from home, the child will spend more time at school hence choose a school wisely as to how the teachers mold the child will have a life-long impact on the development of the child.