How To Navigate Your University Search During COVID-19

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In the times of economic uncertainty during Covid-19, you may feel uneasy about your future. Many news channels continue to highlight that coronavirus will not impact young people. The discussion continues to emphasize health-related consequences. In reality, this outbreak will affect younger people in terms of economic crisis. The longer it takes to develop a vaccine, the more it will impact the economy and hence the job market. 

Students are already discussing frozen hiring and rescinded job offers. Whether you are a new college student who is wondering about how classes will operate during this period or a working professional worried about your advanced degree, this article will help you to navigate college during Covid-19 to put your fears to rest. 

Tips to Navigate Universities

Covid-19 might have a lagging impact meaning it makes take several months or years for labors to adjust as per ongoing demand changes. Even though many students continue to face struggles in joining the workforce, you must set yourself apart. 

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  • Explore Different Industries

You might need to explore options in industries other than what you were seeking before Covid-19. This crisis can have a lingering impact on many industries like travel, hospitality, entertainment, restaurants, etc. Industries like online commerce, gaming, transportation, and life sciences will come out stronger than ever. You should start finding companies that you believe will win and start sending out your application letters. 

  • Search Job Market

Covid-19 has changed the job market overnight. Some sectors will benefit more than the other. Job markets will increase in the following spaces – 

  • Online Retailers

Online retailers are continuously hiring to meet increasing demand from people who don’t want to venture out of their homes. These retailers will also support the logistics and transportation sectors. 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are hiring more and more with the need for vaccines and new treatments every day. These companies are also moving the supply chain from China to the US and accelerating the job market. 

  • Technological companies

These companies are hiring to take advantage of the shift from face-to-face to digital video conferences, telecom, and work from home facilities. Brick-and-mortar stores will get impacted most by Covid-19. 

  • Enroll Yourself in Online Learning

The second wave fear of Covid-19 has led most colleges to suspend face-to-face classes until 2021. Fortunately, you can still earn your degree without physically attending classes with online classes. While course offerings and policies might differ from college to college, students can gain knowledge by implementing a few true and tried strategies. Many students have been attending online high schools for years and they can help each other to cope with this adjustment. 


Hope these tips will help you in navigating your university search during Covid-19.