How to deal with the burden of our Education System

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You all must have gone through or must be in the phase of getting educated. So you must be quite familiar with each and everything that happens in the schools and colleges. It is basically the exams which decide your standing in comparison to your fellow classmates at the end of each year.

But is it really a measure to identify the capability of any student through marks? There must have been some students with you as well, who was really good in terms of knowledge but were not able to show the same in the examinations. As a result of which they suffer from the pressure of their elders or teachers to perform better.

Is it really their fault or is it our way of evaluating the students which lead to mental problems being caused to them. Some of them might handle the pressure, and some might break down due to the immense pressure which is put over them.

It is our job to look after the students at every stage of life so that they don’t have to go through any such problems. If you come across any such situation, you should prefer consulting a psychotherapist for the same.


  • Raymond Holland Psychotherapist is a person who uses a wide range of treatments that are capable of coming up with mental health problems, emotional challenges, etc.  
  • It aims to enable the person to understand their feelings and focuses on making them feel positive and pull them of the negative state of mind.

In the world of increasing competition, everyone wants to be ahead of everybody else, especially in the field of education. But not everyone who is enrolled in an educational institute is bright and intelligent; one may have some different qualities which make him better than anybody else in that field. It is required that such quality must be identified and one should be made to master in that product quality rather forcing one to put the mind in mugging up the answers to the questions to score better in exams.

Raymond Holland Psychotherapist understands this concept and works accordingly. These psychotherapists spend a great deal of time in knowing the one who is visiting them and gives them the best of advice for life to become better and successful. As it was said by a famous personality, “a sheet of paper cannot decide my future.” You should not run after marks but should rather go after gaining knowledge which will be of much more importance in the long run.