How Pupil Trackers Support Improved Learning

Providing an excellent education to budding minds is crucial to give children the best start in life. Schools have the opportunity to build confidence in their pupils learning abilities, to exercise their long term memory, and to help each student work well independently, and as a team. Technology, such as pupil tracking, can enhance each child’s learning experience by helping every student to progress. These kind of tools enable teachers to evaluate their teaching methods and to encourage parents to help with the students learning at home. For more information on how pupil tracking software can achieve the above mentioned, you can read more below.

Progress for All Students

Teachers often take care of classes up to 30 children, and so keeping track of each pupils performance throughout the academic year is challenging. However, pupil trackers such as the online EYFS assessment tracker from Educater eliminates this problem by presenting an easy-to-use software for teachers to routinely tick whether a student is meeting the set standards of the curriculum. Furthermore, the pupil tracking method enables teachers to view class performance collectively but also decipher students who would benefit from additional tutoring or learning resources. By addressing each pupils learning capacity and instigating a plan of action for students who require more support, all students can be given adequate support to develop their education.

Reflect on Teaching Methods

To improve education within schools, teachers can use the data from a pupil tracker to reflect on the impact their teaching has had on the students. For instance, if a teacher views the pupil tracker and identifies multiple students are finding it challenging to keep up with the curriculum—staff can address this issue and choose to adapt their teaching methods to suit the needs of the class. For example, some students may benefit from observing demonstrations. Whereas other pupils may prefer one-to-one tutoring, and some may benefit more by learning through games. Pupil trackers provide valuable insight into each pupils education, allowing teachers, headteachers and school governors to discuss and use this information to improve teaching techniques in school.

Parents Involvement 

Teachers can upload a series of each child’s progress online for parents to view. The uploads can include pictures, videos and audio. For example, this could be an audio of a child reading or a video of a pupil painting. By equipping parents with access to their child’s academic progress via pupil tracking software, this piece of technology has the potential to increase each parents participation in their child’s learning. With parents being able to access the portal from home, they can view the learning their son or daughter is taking part in, and further support the curriculum by engaging their youngster in additional educational activities at home.

As an increasingly popular resource for schools, pupil trackers are earning a place in helping schools. They can help evaluate a schools current teaching method, identify students who require extra support and provide parents access to their child’s learning.